Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wayang Kulit art comes to life at Paradigm Mall

Watch Wayang Kulit in Paradigm Mall
Each time its the Raya season, most of those who celebrate look forward to going back to their 'kampung' to experience the nostalgic moments with friends and family within the scenic environment of joy and happiness. But for people like me, living in the city without a kampung to run back home to, it may be a little tricky to understand these nostalgic feelings. Recently found out that Paradigm mall brings the ancient art of wayang kulit this Raya for their shoppers to enjoy, and I managed to catch the show the other day which really gave me different feels after not seeing the wayang kulit show for years.

The kids from Rumah Telaga Kasih showcasing a performance
But before I go in dept, I'd like to share the joy of giving by Paradigm mall to fifty underprivileged children aged between two to sixteen years old from Rumah Telaga Kasih. The kids had a memorable time to immerse themselves into the shadow puppet play against a traditional Terrenganu Kampung backdrop. hroughout the 30 minute performance, the dalangs. narrated various folktales and traditional epics through the interplay of light, shadows, action and traditional music.

The Wayang Kulit show
After the show, the children were given a workshop to understand the origins and how Wayang Kulit works. In addition to that, the children were treated to a shopping spree where they got to choose new Raya clothes and collected duit Raya, then enjoyed a Buka Puasa session held at Pasar Baru, New World Hotel in Paradigm Petaling Jaya. Now, you must be wondering if you may be able to enjoy the Wayang Kulit show like these kids? Well, as a matter of fact, the Wayang Kulit will take place from 25th May until 24th June 2018 every weekend at 4.30pm.

Ketupat workshop
To get their shopper to be in the Raya mood, Paradigm mall also offers a clay art workshop, a ketupat workshop, and the kuih Raya workshop every weekend at 12pm. Or if you happen to be around the event area, you should really check out the Raya goodies available around the atrium. There will be Raya attires, cookies, carpets and traditional snacks on sale to look out for. Just to get you prepared for your Raya celebration at home. hehe.

Share the joy and excitement of Raya by spending a minimum of RM250* in a single receipt and get FREE Raya packets...
Posted by Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya on Friday, May 25, 2018

For shoppers who spend a minimum of RM250 in a single receipt within the same day (excluding purchases made at Tesco, prepaid reloads, money changers and bill payments), will be able to redeem exclusively designed Raya lantern along with the themed Hari Raya packets! I've already grabbed a Raya lantern for myself, and im planning to get myself another one so that I have a pair of it to light up my Raya nights. Hehe.

Get carpets to revamp your new home
Last minute Raya shopping
Yep, as low as RM39!
Scroll through for our Raya-themed events and activities curated just for you! :)
Posted by Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya on Thursday, May 24, 2018
 Being a frequent shopper at Paradigm mall, it's hard to resist not to shop in a mall that has so much life. There will also be special performances such as the Cak Lempong, a Minangkabau music performance every Saturday at 5.30pm. Not to forget, you can also catch the silat performance every Sunday at 5.30pm, or their Raya dance, every weekend at 3.30pm too! Be sure to make your way up to the Upper Atrium (Level UG) if you happen to be in Paradigm mall on a weekend! For more information, visit their official sites in the link below.

Paradigm Mall

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