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Unboxing Cubecrate | April 2018

Unboxing April 2018 CubeCrate box
Hey guys! I know it has been a while since I last did an unboxing review on cubecrate, but im back and I love seeing them improve from time to time. In today's post, as the title says, I'll be doing an unboxing review on my April 2018 subscription box. WOOTS! The minute I got this on my hands, I was really excited cause this mystery box features a really cute summer theme box. Don't you love the new look of Cubecrate in putting more effort to make you feel special? LET'S FIND OUT WHATS INSIDE!

Lets see whats featured in our April Cubecrate Box!
Here's a little sneak peak of what to expect
As usual, I usually like to get through their newsletter first, where they will have a rundown of the brands featured in the box and in the April 2018 Cubecrate box, we have some items from MyCare, Koji Bands Borneo, Tinkerberry, and Zadale. For this box, it features some brands that I already know of and some of newer brands which I love to see! Also, I think it's cute that Cubecrate included a to-do list in the box for you to prep yourself for your summer vacay! Hehe. Now that you got a little sneak peak on whats inside, let's spill the details.


A travel kit from White Formula
Starting off with a little something from MYCare, we have the White Formula travel skincare kit which would be very handy to bring on your travels.  Im a huge fan of travel kits when it comes to skincare because it's easy to bring, doesn't take you much fuss to refill your empty travel containers, and its guaranteed safe to bring to your onboard flights! The travel kit includes the cleanser, toner, and moisturizing and has no fragrance, no alcohol, and no colorant! Perfect for any skin type.

Koji Bands Borneo

Koji Bands from Borneo
How cute are these bands?!
Next would be a little something new from a brand called Koji Bands Borneo. I found myself uber cute bands that are supposed to be a gentle version of the hair tie. Don't you hate it when your hair just gets all messed up when you tie your hair too tight, and it leaves your hair looking like a bad hair day? Fret not as with the Koji Bands, it will gently tie your hair without damaging your hair. How awesome is that? Also, it's a great bookmark if you like reading during summer, and if you like customizing your items, you can even scribble little notes on the bands too. AWESOME!


Chocolate Face Scrub from Tinkerberry anyone?
Moving on to Tinkerberry, this is no stranger to me when it comes to handmade skincare products, and this time around, I got myself the Tinkerberry Natural Body Treat Chocolát Face Scrub. Being a fan of chocolate, this is pretty dangerous as I might just eat it up as im applying it on my face (WARNING: Do not consume). HAHA. It smells amazing, and it actually leaves your skin feeling hydrated and moist, making it a great companion when you've been out too long in the sun and in need of some pampering.


Zadele Beauty Coffee Scrub
Coffee Scrub in a tub
When in contact with water
Next is something from Zandale, a Zandale Coffee Scrub! Im a huge fan of coffee scrubs and this somehow is a little different from the common scrubs. Coffee Scrubs has great benefits which include exfoliating, detoxifying, eliminate cellulite and acne, improve circulation, reduce eye puffiness, great as an anti-aging, removes dead cells and it naturally whitens and smoothens the skin. If you're in need to get a little dirty with a gentle scrub, this is for you! Can't wait to bring this for my trips! Its also 100% Natural, so you don't have to worry about chemicals when you're taking a break.

Extra Gifts

Oh, got myself a travel pouch too!
I can fit tons of items in this pouch, its huge!
And last but not least would be other gifts from CubeCrate! I got myself a super duper cute pouch and a hand sanitizing spray. SWEET! Just what I need when im on the go, exploring cities of a foreign country. The pouch makes a great organizer to put my makeup in when I travel, and the sanitizer is great as its compact and easy to carry around that to its flat casing. Its actually my first time seeing a hand sanitizer that comes in a shape of a spray bottle, and I am in love. It's so easy to slide it in my bag! Thank you Cubecrate!


Im not sure if you noticed, but if youre clueless on what to get for your bestfriend, for your boss, for your mom and etc, did you know that Cubecrate offers services to custom your own box based on your own choice! Be it a mothers day gift box, a teachers day gift box and even a birthday gift box for someone you care about. From what I understand is that you can just email them at and they will provide you with a catalog for you to choose your preferred items. Easy right?

And that is what is inside my April 2018 Cubecrate box guys!
And that's all for now. Thank you so much for reading my humble review on my latest cubecrate, the April 2018 box! I love seeing local brands like these grow and guys let's support local entrepreneurs who support other local entrepreneurs! I absolutely love the idea and the fact that the subscription box only cost RM35 with postage fee's, and to me, that is reasonable for the number of items that you get! I'll leave the links to their official social sites below, and who knows, you might just surprise yourself for the nex subscription box. Teehee. See you the next round!

Cubecrate Malaysia

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