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Jom Try McDonalds Nasi Lemak Burger | Malaysian Exclusive

Tried the Nasi Lemak Burger yet?
So being a McDonald fan, its time to spill the beans on the latest hype which im sure most of you would have noticed on your social feed or maybe you've seen it in McDonalds with yout own eyes, the Nasi Lemak Burger! Nasi Lemak has always been a Malaysian local favourite, and this time, the classic Nasi Lemak has changed its form to be a Burger. Nasi Lemak = Burger? What relation do they really have? Since i got to try it out for myself, i'll be sharing my thoughts on the Nasi Lemak Burger.
McDonald's Nasi Lemak Burger
Crazy about Nasi Lemak? Celebrate Malaysians’ love for Nasi Lemak with the NEW Nasi Lemak Burger! Now available at McDonald’s Malaysia. #GengNasiLemak
Posted by McDonald's on Thursday, April 26, 2018

In case youre wondering, the Nasi Lemak Burger is available for a limited time only starting from the 26th of April, and its ever ready to tantalize your tastebuds. Just a breakdown on it, it is made with a juicy coconut glavoured chicken thigh patty, coated with a cornflake crunch, and topped with a special sambal sauce, fried egg, caramelised onions, refreshing cucumber slices, all in a chilli infused bun. Each set of the Nasi Lemak Burger comes with the classi McD fries and 100pluss.

The current featured dessert, Pulut HItam Pie 
I kindda love the idea that Mcdonals has been creating local-inspired menu items, and just to name a few, the all time local favoruite includes Bubur Ayam, Cakoi, and the very popular Ayam Goreng McD (The ad is playing in my head from the movies). HAHA. But of course, not to forget the limited time dessert offers such as the D34 Durian Mc Flurry, MILO Mcflurry, Banana Pie (Please come back!), Pulut Hitam Pie, Red Bean Pie, Taro Pie and Cendol Flavoured cone. Some may find it bizarre, others may love it more than expected!


Now that i got my hands on it, lets find out what it taste like
An upclose look on the Nasi Lemak Burger
Ok, so since i got my hands on the Nasi Lemak Burger, it actually looks pretty convinving. I mean, they took the extra effort to get the packaging to look like the classic Nasi Lemak bungkus, but honestly i wished they used actual banana leaf to wrap the burger for that extra omph. Im pretty sure im not the only one who thought about this, but nevermind, that is still forgivable. The real deet is whether if it taste as good as the real Nasi Lemak. Lets find out!

A breakdown on the ingredients
So as mentioned earlier, i believe the ingredients to create this Nasi Lemak Burger is pretty close to the original ingredients to create the classic Nasi Lemak, just minus the anchovies, nuts and rice, cause i understand that it might ruin the concept of it being a burger. Upon my first bite, i would have to say that the sambal was impressive as its just the way i like it, not too spicy, but the idea of it being a Nasi Lemak Burger made it taste a little funny, because 'expectations'. LOL. Not too bad, but i'd give it a 3 out of 5 as a rating. I would repurchase only when i dont feel like eating rice, but i crave for Nasi Lemak flavours.

Nasi McD
The NEW Nasi McD is the reason why you can't live without rice. Once you try it, you’ll love it. Simply satisfying!
Posted by McDonald's on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

As a verdict, i would have to say that it was a good try by McDonalds to bring a little bit of excitement to the menu, which really took over the internet when it was annouced. Again, it really depends if youre adventurous enough to try something new, some may like it, some may not be a fan. I have my personal opinions, and i think its pretty good. Be sure to grab it while its still in stores! I also heard that since some of their customers couldnt handle the Burger Nasi Lemak, McD has decided to bring the actual Nasi Lemak in stores! Get it or Regret. Its your call.

McDonalds Malaysia

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