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[REVIEW] Nourishme.asia | Healthy Lunch Delivery

Reviewing Nourishme.asia
It has almost been two weeks since we started fasting, so im just wondering how are you guys holding up? Hehe. My 'buka puasa' meals has been either bazaar food or me cooking at home lately, and honestly, im running out of ideas on what to eat. The hard thing about puasa is that i would crave badly on food that i actually dont need. So, i decided to change my eating habits to be more healthy and nutritious. But really, when youre fasting, it may be a little tiring to get back home and prepare your healthy meal each day, which is why i will be recommending to you a great meal to enjoy during this fasting month, prepared by Nourishme.asia.

Get your healthy lunches delivered to your office
Nourishme.asia is an online platform offering a healthy lunch delivery within Klang Valley. I know that when talking about healthy food in Malaysia, usually our main concern would be it would usually be rather expensive in comparison to food that we eat everyday. But, what if i told you that Nourishme.asia offers you an affordable option of healthy meals that are guranteed to be delicious? Well, thats what Nourishme.asia is, and since i got my hands on a few meals that they offer, i'll be sharing with you my overall thoughts on it.


The plan & pricing offered by Nourishme.asia
Now here's the fun part. Instead of providing one meal at a time, Nourisme.asia offers a unique style of delivering the menu where you get to choose your own subscription plan. There are 3 plans to choose from at the moment, giving you an option between complete, moderate and light. These pricings are inclusive of delivery, and you will have over 40 healthy choices of dishes to choose from! Starting from RM12.50 for a healthy meal, i'd have to say that its a steal if you want to start having a clean balance diet.

Greek Salad With Couscous

Greek Salad with Couscous
First up would be the cold Greek Salad With Couscous, which is packed with fresh veggies and topped with a sprinkling of rich feta. By just looking at it, you would be able to tell that it has plenty of nutrients and despite it being a full on vegetarian dish, i actually liked it a lot! It has like this combination and sweet and sour flavours which taste light and refreshing. The portion to me was huge and trust me when i say that the combination would gurantee you with a full tummy. Not to forget the colours of the dish actually made it look very appetizing too!

Roast Chicken with Root Vege

Roasted Chicken with Root Vege
Next i tried the Roast Chicken with Root Vege, where its purely roast chicken with a combination of potato, carrot and sweet potato in tomato based sauce. YUMS! Im usually not a fan of tomato paste because its usually very sour if its coming out from a can, but this tomato based sauce was beyond that. It tasted very homemade, and the sauce complimented the roast chicken really well. I would also like to emphasize that the Roast Chicken cooked well, and it was still very juicy despite it being roasted. This has to be one of my top favourite dishes from Nourishme.asia, and i can predict myself craving for more of this for lunch. #drools

Brown Rice Bibimbap

Brown Rice Bibimbap
The Brown Rice Bibimbap is an addition to their vegetarian menu, offering a combination of brown rice, fresh vegetables, mushrooms, eggs and tofu. It came with some kimchi sauce in a seperate container, and to enjoy this, i actually mixed everything up with the sauce to create like this combination of fried rice in a bowl. It really reminded me so much of Korea! I would have to highlight that despite it being vegetarian, i actually enjoyed the texture of the dish, and the most important fact would be that the dish was flavourful. A little too healthy to my liking, but great for those who would want to cut off on meat for a day.

Mediterranean Fish

Mediterranean Fish
And last but not least, i also got a taste of the Mediterranean Fish. This was actually pretty good as well. The Mediterranean Fish had broccoli and cauliflower on the side which was cooked to perfection. The sauce of the mediterranean fish had an interesting combination of spices to compliment the tomato base. I actually really liked this and will definitely repeat the order. The fish and veggies were fresh and it was not overseasoned, just the way i like it.

Meet Alexandra Prabaharan

The chef behind Nourishme.asia
In case youre wondering on who is the person behind these delicious meals, meet Alexandra Prabaharan, a certified nutritionist with an American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA). I was present during her cooking workshop the other day, and i was immediately mind blown on how easy she made cooking look like. With the food being in her hands, rest assured, you wont have to worry about the ingredients used in your meals from Nourishme.asia.


Mandatory photo with one of my favourite dishes from Nourishme.asia
Menu changes weekly
As a verdict, i would have to say that Nourishme.asia has to be my ideal go to lunch delivery, especially when the prices are at an affordable price for an everyday kindda meal. Hehe. Im planning to get the complete plan once the Raya is over so that i can enjoy these amazing healthy meals in the office. Who says its expensive to change your eating habits? You just gotta look harder to find something that would make eating healthy, convenient, and tasty! So what are you waiting for? Get a meal that would suit your diet plan, and start living a healthier lifestyle. More details at the end of this post. xx

Disclaimer: Since i ordered Nourishme.asia meals during the fasting month, kindly take note that you can order their meals to be sent to your office or home during lunch time, keep it in the fridge and reheat when its time to buka puasa. hehe. Its easy, and saves you tons of time!


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