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[REVIEW] Premier Clinic Bangsar | Carbon Laser Peel for Pigmentation

Premier Clinic Bangsar | Klinik Premier Bangsar
Being in my mid-twenties, I've started taking tons of concern to ensure that my skin is well-taken care off. Perks of being a beauty blogger is that I often get tips and hints on how to protect the skin. But being the stubborn individual that I am, I admit guilty for not prepping my skin well with UV protection.   *Sigh*. And the punishment that I get is that my skin suffers from pigmentation spots and oily skin. I mean, I think my skin can still minimize the aging, so I made a quick decision by taking myself to an aesthetic clinic to give my skin a little more attention. So since this is my first aesthetic clinic visit, I decided to do a whole review on my whole experience! 

Introducing Premier Clinic in Bangsar

The Clinic Hallway
Some brochures to help you decide on which treatment to consider
Valet parking infront of Premier Clinic
As mentioned, Premier Clinic is a skin specialized clinic that focuses on your skin needs medically. Unlike your average facial center, aesthetic clinic focuses more on giving you better results in a short period of time through safe medical procedures that is hygiene oriented. The premier clinic has been one of my list of aesthetic clinics to visit, so I had no issues on if I made the right choice. Hehe. The clinic that I went to was located in Bangsar, and conveniently, Premier Clinic has allocated special parking lots exclusively for their customers. Major yay! It's always the little things that make it special.

Free drinks for customers
Skin condition before treatment (Oily + Not Smooth + Pigment spots)
I made an appointment about 3 days before, and I believe that it's a standard procedure that they would usually send a friendly reminder to remind you of your appointment a day before. I think its super sweet cause they took little efforts to remind their customers of the appointments made just in case people like you and me are too busy to remember. Now, enough with the introduction lets get into the details.

Consultation session with Dr Jasmine
Upon my arrival at Premier Clinic, they immediately greeted me by name as I already made a reservation for my session at a specific time. I was pretty impressed with the service already and once they confirmed my details, I had to pass them my IC for registration purposes and they offered me to enjoy a drink from the water dispenser provided for their guest. About 10 minutes later I was then called in to see the specialist, Dr. Jasmine, to do a consultation session based on my skin, and as expected, the doctor agrees that the Carbon Laser Peel is the right choice based on my skin condition. She was nice enough to guide me through on the procedure and also emphasize on how to take care of my skin after the treatment which I really appreciated it.

Carbon Laser Peel Treatment

The Treatment room
Equipment well kept
Later after the consultation, I was brought into the treatment room which looks really comfy and clean, and just to highlight the little details, I see that they use UV light to store their metal equipment to prevent bacteria. The treatment started with the beauty assistant giving me a cleansing facial and later on applied numbing cream on my face for about 30 minutes. This was honestly my first time applying numbing cream on my face, and it really felt like nothing after a while. Face really felt a little funny after it was removed, but I guess it's for the best to reduce the pain from the laser. So in this case, the number the better. LOL

Numbing Cream on my face

Fresh after the laser treatment
After removing the numbing cream, Dr. Jasmine came to the treatment room to give me my treatment. She nicely explained on the level of pain that I would have to tolerate during the whole procedure, and she even did a short laser test on my skin just so that I know how it feels. To be honest, it was a 3/10 to me cause my skin was already numb, and the laser only felt like little ant bites. Hehe. Because my pores on my nose have more serious issues, I must say that the nose area hurts a little, but after a while, the pain becomes predictable and Dr. Jasmine was really professional in handling it in a short period of time.

Skin condition right after the treatment
The whole process took about less than 30 minutes, and the next thing you know is that im done with the treatment! Super fast and efficient for people like me who is always on the go. After the laser treatment, I was given a cold towel to cover my face to cool off the heat from the laser, but really, my face didn't even feel hot, to begin with. (Assuming the numbing cream did the trick). So after cooling my skin, the beauty assistant then cleansed my skin one more time and applied solution and UV to protect my skin


Mandatory photo with Dr Jasmine
As a verdict, I would have to say that my skin was a little red right after the treatment, but after about 30 minutes, my skin was looking normal and the numbing effect was already gone. So the claim of no downtime in the treatment is legit, but I think the tedious part of it all is to make sure that your skin is well taken off during the 1 week recovery period (only because im not constant at times). HAHA. But yes, I forced myself to take extra care of my skin, and im happy with the end results! My skin was smoother, has more even skin tone and my pores were minimized. And as for pigmentations, I see my pigments reduced by at least 70%! Definitely, a highly recommended treatment to me if you hate needles and want fast results.

Skin condition after 2 weeks
So there you have it. Thank you so much for reading this review and I hope it gave you a clear picture of what to expect during the treatment. Hehe. In terms of price, it cost me about RM1000 which may be a little more on the high side, but for instant results, I'd say why not. Skin is always an investment on its own, and since Premier Clinic offers flexible payments, you can split your payment to 6-12 months so that the amount doesn't seem to much. Well if you happen to visit Premier Clinic, don't forget to mention my name as I would really appreciate it if you could let them know that im your introducer. Below is their social site links, so for more details, you can check the link below. Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any other questions, and i'll try my best to get back to you. 


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