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Adibah Noor at Klang Parade Mall | 3rd June 2018

Meet Adibah Noor
So, I haven't really shared with you on which celebrity I like and love seeing, and since I got some time today, im gonna share to you on why I love Adibah Noor. Well, to begin with why I love Adibah Noor, is because my mum is a fan. I remember growing up hearing her on repeat, and to be specific, its one of her top hits, 'terlalu istimewa'. The song actually made me cry when I played it through youtube recently, and y'know what, when you're older you tend to understand somethings better than before. Other than having an amazing voice, she has a heart of gold.

I met her once at one of the comedy shows that I attended to, and managed to say hi to her. It was like a moment of spazz because she was so nice. I need to find the photo and share it with you guys! I mean, I would have to say that she's one of the most humble celebrities that I know, and she never fails to make you feel warm on the inside. Above would be a video of the song I kept hearing on repeat, and each time I listen to the song, it never fails to give me goosebumps!

Thats Adibah Noor on the highway billboard
It is impossible that anyone in Malaysia who don't know Adibah Noor, shes even on the billboards on the highway. Literally! She sets a good example for the entertainment industry that if you be true to yourself, people see beyond looks and the stereotype ideal celebrity material. If you've seen her acting, she does it really well, and I'd usually stop and watch each scene as long as she's in it. She puts so much effort and she deserves it so much!

And I think I started being a fan when she sang a Disney song with another famous singer when I was younger, Vince. I wish she continued to make more albums cause she is talented. Just check out the video above to see how well she sings 'Beauty and the Beast'. Her voice can go so high man. And I think you can see that she has a little humor too by just watching this video. I swear, even tho she's not exactly my age group, she is the cutest! I really think she is cute, and that what makes her so real.

Adibah Noor as Puan Hajar in Oh My English! (Photo credits:

Not to forget Adibah Noor as Fatimah in Phua Chu Kang
Not to forget her appearance in acting. Having a younger sister with an 8-year gap, I had to tolerate watching kid shows. But one of my favorite times watching shows with my sister would be when she starred in Oh My English, as Puan Hajar. I always thought she was very funny on the show, and she really played the role really well. Also, in the famous TV Show, Phua Chu Kang where she acted as the maid. I guess this is how she keeps herself updated with the generation making her lovable by all different generation, from my mum's generation to as young as my sister's generation.


Be entertained by celebrities at Klang Parade
What if I told you that you can get a chance to meet Adibah Noor in person? A little bird told me that she'll be making a special appearance at Klang Parade Mall. There will also be other artists present during the event, but my specific highlight would be Adibah Noor. Im a girl fan and im not shy to admit that I love her. hehe. Present also would be Hael Husaini, Baki Zainal, Kilafairy and Khai Bahar. So better catch them while you still can. Be sure to save the date!

When: 3 June 2018
Time: 2pm - 6pm
Location: Klang Parade Mall


Since it's during the fasting period, I understand that some of you may be concern about where to break your fast. Fret not as I have just the solution! You can consider going to their revamped Next Food Junction where they have tons of variety to choose from. Just to name a few, you can have Mee Hun Soup,  Chicken Chop, Burgers, Sup Tulang and more! Check out the video above to get a little idea of what the food court offers. With the amount of variety offered, there's surely something for someone.

The Next Food Junction
Food to Indulge
Don't forget to take this opportunity to meet your favorite artist as I've marked my calendar to be there too! There are tons of things to look out for and there will also be performances by famous artist and celebrities to entertain you at Klang Parade Mall. So what are you waiting for? Plan your weekend ahead and maybe meet up at Klang Parade Mall where you can meet celebrities as they entertain you. Hehe. That's all for now. Let me know if you'll be there by leaving a comment below. Who knows, I might say hi to you! Hehe. Ttfn xx

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