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[REVIEW PREVIEW] Buka Puasa at The KL Journal Hotel | Ramadhan 2018

Iftar at The KL Journal Hotel 2018
With the fasting season being just around the corner, im sure most of us who are preparing for the fasting season are triggered by looking for locations to break fast with close friends and family. If you're looking for a good location with amazing Malaysian food to satisfy cravings, why not consider The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel to break your fast. Located just in the heart of KL and conveniently located near public transportations, The KL Journal would be the perfect place to gather your friends and family in a cozy hidden gem in Kuala Lumpur.

The Ambiance of the Kedai Kopi Journal
Ulam with the signature sauce
A little close up on the raw 'ulam'
This year, The Kuala Lumpur Journal hotel has decided to put an extensive spread featuring "Selera Malaya" buffet which also means "Malaysian Appetite", of quintessential Malaysian dishes, featuring both current and classic meals all under one roof. The Ramadhan season is one of the best time to enjoy authentic Malay Cuisine, and at the KL Journal Hotel, you'll get to experience every flavor that you can get. Well played.

Signature Fish Head Curry
Ayam Percik
Ayam Kapitan
Signature Beef Rendang
Kambing Masak Kurma
What you can expect during the buffet spread dinner by The KL Journal Hotel would be notable delicious dishes which includes Signature Fish Head Curry, Ikan Pari Asam Pedas, Signature Beef Rendang, Ayam Kapitan & Percik, Kambing Masak Kurma, Soto Ayam & Seafood Tom Yam, Otak-otak Muar, assorted Kuih, Lok-Lok Stop, Ulam-ulaman counter, Rojak Buah, Pasembur, Assorted Keropok Counter, and a chocolate fountain. YUMS!

Lok-lok with tons of options
We have Crab Stick, Broccoli, Squid Flower
Cocktail Sausage, Bean curd
Beef Ball and so much more!
Here's me trying out the lok-lok spread
Freshly grilled otak otak anyone?
In comparison to most buffet spreads joining the festive season, I would have to highlight the fact that The KL Journal has a special menu that other locations are not serving, which is the Lok-Lok Stop. If this is your first time hearing about Lok-Lok, Lok-lok is actually a popular street food which started way back during the Japanese era. And today, we still see it along the street in trucks, but the spread at The KL Journal Hotel is HUGE! There are over 30 choices where you can choose to cook it in either clear broth, peanut sauce or have it grilled/fried.

Assorted fruits 
Ice Cream Potong 
DIY Pesembur
Chocolate Fountain
So what are you waiting for? Make reservations to dine at Kedai Kopi Journal for a feast centered on whats truly Malaysian. The buffet price is at RM118/adult, children aged 11 and below will enjoy 50% off, and children aged 5 and below gets to eat for free. For more information, you can contact the hotel directly which I will leave the details at the end of this post.

Ramadan Buffet with The KL Journal! Selling at RM118, 50% off for purchases before 30th April; 30% off for purchases before 17th May.

For reservations: (+603) 2110 2211

Book and make reservations within 1st May -30th May 2018, to get an additional 30% discount. So act fast! 

The Kuala Lumpur Journal
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