Saturday, May 5, 2018

#CreateYourStyle with Schwarzkopf | Hydro Collagen For your Hair

Can you believe that Schwarzkopf is 120 Years already? 
We all know and love Schwarzkopf, and to many of us, the brand has created such an impact to many saloons in Malaysia that makes it impossible for anyone who visits the saloon to not notice the brand. And believe it or not, Schwarzkopf has been in the industry for 120 years that promises quality, reliability, expertise and innovation to the hair care, colour and styling industry. To make it even more spectacular, the brand takes a step away from beauty stereotypes and embraces diversity and individuality. YAS, just the awareness we need in our current generation.

Schwarzkopf introduced the #createyourstyle campaign to encourage individual to embrace their uniqness and confidence to wear what brings out their confidence. Like, literally wearing what makes you feel good. Messy hair dont care? Go ahead and show the world how much you love it. Coming into this context, Schwarzkopf sets the stage with their latest product, the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen range. And the rest is your choice with endless possibilities.

From Left: Mawar Rashid, Sharifah Ellen Al-Baity and Emma Shazleen
Present during the launch of the campign, we had 3 top Malaysian influencers who flaunted their favourite styles and shared their personal stories about their hairstyle of choice. And DAMN HONEY, they all look smokin hot! We basically had Sharifah ellen Al-Baity, Mawar Rashid and Emma Shazleen ('mah idol!) who did a mini catwalk to show off their confidence in their own styles. I love how all of them had different characters to flaunt, but all in beautiful ways, but to me, the highlight of it all was the confidence they had in them.

Extra are Hyrdo Collagen Shampoo
Extra Care Ultimate Repair Conditioner
Extra Care Purify & Protet Conditioner
Seboring Triple Effect Shampoo Range
We even had a little preview of the product ranges that Schwarzkopf has to offer, and to be honest, i've been so out of date with these babies. I never knew that there are so much variety of hair care ranges by Schwarzkopf to cater to different needs and care for different individuals. To embrace our confidence, the event had a mini wall for us to have a mini photoshoot to really unleast the inner confidence that we've all been hiding. Hehe. What do you think of my confident moment in the photo above? Definitely out of my comfort zone, but im loving the photo!

Mandatory photo at the event, dont mind me. 
Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen range of hair products are available at selected Guardian and Watsons outlets nationwide. The range retails from RM18 to RM35 which to me is really reasonably priced and more retail friendly compared to their professional ranges that are being used in hair saloons. Im personally using the Schwarzkopf ExtrabCare Hydor Collagen Shampoo and i am purely loving it! It keeps my hair feeling fresh and shiny to last me troughout the day. A definite good shampoo that i would highly recommend.  


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