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[REVIEW] Protect, Repair and Enhance the Skin | Lovera Magic Jelly

Reviewing the Lovera Magic Jelly!
Being a busy person myself, don't you wish you have that one product to go to in any scenario? Well, my go-to solution when my skin needs critical attention would usually be Aloe Vera, but at times, I do have my moments when im too lazy to scoop out the gel as it can be messy, and you don't want your aloe vera to be exposed to germs. The aloe vera to me works as a moisturizer at night to give my skin some cooling moisturizing benefits, but what if I told you that there's a product that protects, repairs and enhances just as good as Aloe Vera with possibly more benefits? Scroll to find out!

Do you face problems like dull skin, open pores and acne?

So, just about a few weeks ago, I was introduced to this Naturally Magical Magic Jelly by Lovera Malaysia, and trust me, you can just check out their Instagram to see real-life testimonials by users, and what attracted me the most was that most of the users are pretty much using it as a substitute to primer. Yes, primer. Never been a fan of primer cause my pores are usually open, and I tend to avoid using primer cause it might get clogged in my pores when I don't wash it off properly. And since the users are SO into it, I decided to give myself a go with the Magic Jelly. 


The packaging
Some details on the benefits and directions on how to use this Magic Jelly
Now that I got my hands on it. Just a little introduction, the Magic Jelly claims to protect, repair and enhance the skin with an advanced intensive treatment that acts as an all-purpose beauty gel that can be used on your face, body, and hair. It is also paraben free, free from toxic and safe for all types of skin. With that much confidence to create the statement, I have no doubt that this might come in handy since its pretty much multi-purpose to solve almost any common skin issue.

Pump bottle for hygiene control
It comes in a 60ml bottle as a full-size Magic Jelly and from a first impression, I'd say that I wish they could invest more in making the packaging fancier. But im assuming the reason to this is to keep the price low and focus more on the quality of the magic jelly. Its priced at RM70, and it comes in a pump bottle which makes it easy to pump the content out without getting the content to be exposed to germs.

Testing out the texture
Surprisingly lightweight and skin absorbs really well
The texture, to be honest, has a jelly-like texture. It may look like aloe vera but really, the texture is slightly thicker than your average aloe vera. Upon massaging it on my skin, I find that the formulation has been well thought of as my skin absorbed the jelly pretty well. It does leave a very slight sticky feeling on the skin (almost similar to primer), but it felt really light on the skin after the jelly is fully absorbed by the skin which is a plus point. Also, since it had a primer-like texture, I can see why consumers have been using this as a substitute for a makeup primer for the skin. I noticed that it makes your make-up last longer and at the same time has good benefits for the skin.

Loving each time I apply this on my skin
The product has been said to be a solution for those suffering from pimples, scars, dry skin, flaky skin, dull skin, and more! As good as it sounds, im living proof that it works amazing on my skin as it really helped keep my skin well moisturized throughout the day and it also made my skin feel healthier after wearing it daily for almost 2 weeks now. Im impressed! Tip: I also use this to solve my split end issues on my hair, and I love how it's as good as hair oil, except it's not oily.


At the moment, it's in my everyday skincare routine
As a verdict, I would think that its a little on the high side to be priced at RM70 for 60ml, but for the results it gave me, I think it was almost similar to the results of walking out from a facial salon. I mean, facials would actually cost more than a bottle of Magic Jelly, but for a multi-purpose Jelly that protects, repairs and enhances not only the skin but also hair, I see a lot of potentials for the product to grow. It can be used as an after wax gel, to soothe rashes on a baby's body, as an acne minimizer, as sunburn gel and so much more (as long as you're creative enough).

Makeup test, left without magic jelly, right with magic jelly as the base.
KKM certified too! Which also means its safe to use

My favorite usage for this would actually be my makeup primer and moisturizer before I apply makeup as I noticed that it works just as good a primer, but minus the clogged pores issues. I also like to use this after an intensive facial extraction at a beauty salon to help my skin recover. Works like a charm, and I would definitely recommend this to you if you're looking for a multi-purpose gel-based formula that can be multipurpose and beneficial for your skin. It is also KKM certified, which guarantees that its safe to use too. Leave me a comment if you have any questions, or you can maybe visit their sites to check out other products that they offer too. Thank you so much for dropping by and I'll see you in my next post. In the meantime, check out my daily skincare + makeup routine below featuring Lovera's Magic Jelly!


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