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[REVIEW] Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine (HALAL Thai Food)

Authentic Thai Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine @ Damansara Jaya
I have been craving for Thai food for such a long time, but who has the time to travel all the way to Thailand just for Thai food? If you're here and craving for Thai food too, you're in luck and I'll be sharing with you a review on authentic Thai food that you can find within Klang Valley, and to be more specific, its an Authentic Thai restaurant near Starling Mall called Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine. Been there to try a few dishes, and I would have to say that the flavors are satisfying!

The interior seating
For those who want more traditional feels
The outdoor seating
Regarding the halal status, they have not officially gotten the Halal cert, but rest assured, the ingredients used to prepare the dishes at Mueang Kao Thai is definitely halal certified, including the meat they use. The idea of it is to cater to a wider range of Malaysians, to enjoy Thai food without traveling too far. I support them because let's face it, even if we travel to Thailand to eat Thai food, it's not exactly that easy to find shops that are halal. Right? Now, let's see whats on the menu by scrolling below.

Mango Salad

Mango Salad - RM18 (Medium)
First, we tried the Mango Salad which is like THE ultimate salad that you have to try when you're in Thailand. Mango's are pretty well known in Thailand, and the salad that I tried at Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine was surprisingly Thai worthy. It had that sourish mango taste, but the mango tasted just nice creating the perfect balance of texture and flavor. Not to forget that the seasoning has a very Thai taste to it, so I approve it to be one of the most authentic Mango Salad around Klang Valley.

Thai Red Curry Chicken

Thai Red Curry Chicken - RM18 (Small)
We also ordered the Thai Red Curry Chicken which is apparently one of the best sellers at Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine. To be honest, I've never tried Thai Red Curry Chicken before when I was in Thailand, but despite not trying it in Thailand, I could definitely tell that it has Thai flavors to it. The name of the dish indeed sounds really spicy, but I would say that it's not as spicy as it looks. Since the Red Curry is mixed with coconut milk, it actually tamed the spicy level of the dish to create a creamy broth. MUST TRY!

BBQ Chicken Chop

BBQ Chicken Chop - RM25 (Thai Sauce included)
If you're not a huge fan of Thai food, they also have something for those who seek for more protein dishes like this BBQ Chicken Chop. Now, the unique taste about this was that it was grilled to perfection, featuring some seasonings that are from Thailand. So imagine it as a Thai version of the western chicken chop. BBQ is pretty well known to be considered as street food in Thailand, but here, you get to enjoy it as a dish OR to share it with your friends and family. 

Nam Prik Pla To 

Nam Prik Pla To - RM25
Whats a Thai meal without Thai Salad right? The Nam Prik Pla To was actually something I've never tried before, but I've seen it on the streets in Thailand, where local people were enjoying it. The dish comes in different veggies nicely decorated in one dish with an optional choice of adding fish into the dish. I believe that the fish was steamed, so the entire dish has no msg, or salty taste to it making it healthy to eat. Ironically, I think I don't mind ordering this again as it's like a nice condiment to add to your dish.

Thai Style Onion Omelette

Thai Style Onion Omelette - RM12 (Small)
The Thai Style Onion Omelette is not too spectacular since I can't really tell the difference between a normal omelette and the Thai Style Onion Omelette. One thing for sure is that the omelette is not the dry kind. The Thai Style Onion Omelette is presented on a plate and it goes really well with the Thai Red Curry Chicken if you ask me. The omelette was not overcooked, and for a person who doesn't fancy onions, the omellete didn't have those obvious onion textures which are a plus point. 

Deep Fried Pha La Pik

Deep Fried Talapia Pha La Pik - RM40
Thailand is also very famous for their seafood as well, so this is something that the chef recommended to us (not in the menu) to try, and boy I have no regrets! The Deep Freid Nam Prik Pla To is a Thai term to describe Deep-Fried Dancing Fish. What I love about this dish is that the fish meat has been nicely deboned for easy consumption, and for those who love the crispy parts of the fish, you can just enjoy the meat around the bone areas by just nibbling on it. Hehe. It also had like a sweet and spicy combo which I love too.

Thai Style Fried Brinjal

Thai Style Fried Brinjal - RM13 (small)
Next, we also ordered some veggies to add to our meal. So like, the staff recommended us to try the Thai Style Fried Brinjal which was well cooked and filled with flavors. I cant tell too much about what was the base ingredient but im pretty confident that they had the fish sauce base to compliment the dish. To brinjal lovers, this is a must order. It was not at all spicy, and it complimented almost all the dishes really well. 

Thai Style 3 Taste

Thai Style 3 Taste - RM40 (Talapia)
As for the Thai Style 3 Taste, I was expecting it to taste more like sweet and sour, but this had an extra twist of slight spice to it. If you're not a fan of spicy food, but you want to enjoy the sweetness of a dish that is slightly spicy, you have to try this. It's very Thai if you ask me cause Thai food are very famous for their sweet and spicy combination in their meals. 

Salted Egg Squid 

Salted Egg Squid - RM35
Any Salted Egg fans out there? Well, I got the privilege to try the Salted Egg Squid as well and boy I can never get bored of this dish. If you love Salted Egg, there is no doubt that you would love this too! The chef was not at all stingy with the amount of salted egg, and the way it was prepared was to perfection. I would not want to enjoy this in any other way, so if you want some serious salted egg goodness, you HAVE to try this. Just thinking about it makes me want more. 

Deep Fried Kangkung

Deep Fried Kangkung - RM15 (Small)
Now, this is also another famous dish in Thailand, the Deep Fried Kangkung. If im not mistaken, this is usually enjoyed as a street food, and even for non-veggie lovers, they wouldn't mind munching on this crunchy dish. Imagine Kangkung lightly being fried one by one, and when it's fried, you just eat it as if its a chip. Eating this with rice really adds more oomph to your meal, and not to forget the deeply fried kangkung sauce, its a great substitute for those who like to munch on this as an appetizer OR as a dish to share.

Assorted Desserts

Sangkaya Pumpkin - RM9.90
Mango Sticky Rice - RM9.90
Red Ruby - RM9.90
Coconut Ice Cream - RM12.90
And what's a meal without desserts, right? So because there's just so many good things to try, I and my guest decided to try the dessert mango sticky rice, the ruby, the sangkaya pumpkin and the coconut ice cream. The mango sticky rice was purely Thai to me as the sticky rice had a really nostalgic legit taste. The ruby was served with coconut milk and jackfruit, but since this dessert has been my all time fav Thai dessert, I really had no complaints. The Sangkaya pumpkin was something different and despite not being a fan of pumpkin, I actually enjoyed this sweet and savory dessert (a must try if you crave for something sweet). And I think the ultimate dessert of it all would be the coconut ice cream served in a coconut shell with roasted coconut bits. Desserts here are definitely the best, and you can never go wrong with whichever you decide to choose. 


Just because you can see how hungry I look
Thai Snacks are available too
Fresh Talapia Fish
As a verdict, I would have to say that the Mueang Kao Thai Cusine has an interesting variety of authentic Thai dishes, and in terms of the price range, I would say that it's pretty reasonable for Thai food within Klang Valley. As a matter of fact, cheaper than some Thai places I've been to! I even took some time to ask some questions and found out that the chef is really from Thailand which makes it a bonus point of eating Thai food prepared by a Thai chef. Hehe. The venue is not too fancy, but it does give a feel of being at home. Just the kind of vibes I like! 

Mueang Kao Thai Cuisine
Opening Hours:11am-3pm & 5pm-11pm
Address: No 21 (Ground Floor, Jalan SS 22/11, 
Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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