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[REVIEW] Hot Pot At Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Reviewing the Hot Pot at Dynasty Restaurant @ Renaissance Kuala Lumpur
Nothing beats the warm fuzzy feeling of waiting for the food to cook right before your eyes as you share a conversation or two around a roundtable with loved ones. Today, I'll be sharing with you a meal I had which had a do-it-yourself twist, that is healthy and deliciously fun! Being Malaysian, Hot Pot is a very Asian dish which we all love and enjoy, and you don't need to be a chef to know how to prepare the meal. Hehe.

Herbal Chicken Soup has an additional chicken inside
Hot Pot serves a concept of sharing where everyone chooses to cook their own food right at the table. At Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel, the ingredients are freshly prepared, and just to name a few ingredients, they offer thinly sliced beef (which means it was SUPER tender), fish fillet, chicken, freshwater prawns, dumpling, wontons, eggs, tofu, and vegetables which are presented raw on the side.

2 persons minimum, cause hot pot are usually best enjoyed when shared.
With a minimum of 2 persons to enjoy the meal, they will first serve you a pot filled with simmering broth with an option of herbal chicken, superior clean soup, vegetarian corn soup or tom yum. In my case, we added an additional RM10/person to enjoy 2 flavors instead of one which is the herbal chicken and tom yum. The fun then begins when all of us would pick our chopsticks up to pick up slices of meat or vegetables and swirl it around the simmering tasty broth for a few seconds to cook.

Fish Fillet
Fu Kwei Abalone
Sliced Chicken
Sliced Beef
Time to add everything in!
The best part of any hot pot meal is usually towards the end when the broth has thickened and its flavors have been enhanced by the meat and vegetables which were added earlier during the meal. Trust me, the broth just gets even better than it even tastes good when eaten on its own. Or, if you're not a fan of too many flavors, then you can opt to choose to start all over again with an extra broth.

Top soup: Herbal Chicken Soup | Bottom soup: Tom Yum Soup
Cooked Freshwater prawns
In case you're wondering on the options available for a la carte, they actually have Australian abalone, Baby Abalone (5nos), Sliced Seas Cucumber (5 pcs), Sliced Beef (100gm), Cof Fillet (100gm), Fish maw (5pcs), White Prawn (5 nos), Chicken strips, Mussels (5nos), Prawn Wonton (5nos), Green Vegetables, Bean Curd, Enoki Mushroom, Choice of Noodle. But really, if you want your meal to have more value, them consider taking the all-inclusive set menu that includes soup fish fillet, freshwater prawn, fish paste, sliced beef or money pouch, sliced chicken, squid, fu kwei abalone, chicken wonton, chicken dumpling, tofu, crispy gluten, assorted fresh mushroom, vegetables, eggs and your choice of noodle.


The all-inclusive set
Well just to conclude my post for today, I would have to say that I would repeat my hot pot meal at Dynasty Restaurant, which also means I find the deal worth it ONLY if you take the all-inclusive set menu at RM68.80nett per person. The flavors of the broth compliment the ingredients really well, and don't get me started on the authentic Chinese ambiance of the venue. I would definitely recommend trying the Hot Pot at Dynasty Restaurant as they serve hot pot with ultimate class at a reasonable price.

Time to enjoy the meal. 
The Hot Pot is available daily for dinner only, and diners would get to choose from the a la carte selection of RM8nett or opt for the all-inclusive set menu at RM68.80nett per person with a minimum of two (2) persons. In case you're wondering, the photos took for this blog post was the all-inclusive set menu, which to me is value for money. To discover more or to make a reservation, call 03 2771 6692 or email

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