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Pudore Fragrance | Legit Affordable inspired Fragrances

Pudore, affordable high quality inspired fragrances
What do you think about fragrance? If you ask me, I'd have to say that fragrance plays a huge role in first impressions and your personal character. I've experienced that when anyone who passes by me with a fragrance that smells over the top, I automatically know that this person has good taste with a strong character. And alternatively, when another person passes by smelling sweet, I can definitely tell that this person has a bubbly personality. I trust that i've proved my point well, now, have you ever wished that instead of staying with one fragrance at a time, you can own more than 1 to suit every ocassion that you have in your lifestyle? Well good news, thats why i'll be sharing with you a thing or two about Pudore Fragrance.

Some detals on Pudore Fragrances products
Pudore has been established in 2016 and launched their first-ever perfumes namely, LAURA, LAUREEN, and LAURENCE, an Eau de Parfum in 30ml. The aim of the brand is to make alluring and luxury fragrance which is affordable and accessible to all. With that in mind, its pretty obvy that Pudore is your alternative to find fragrances that are affordable and cheap in Malaysia, with 100% exclusiveness. You can check out their site at to discover their collection with over 17 inspired perfumes starting from as low as RM22. Did i also mention that its halal and safe to use as well?


Got two fragrances to tryout for myself
Now that you know what Pudore Fragrance is, you must be wondering how good is the quality when the price is so low? I got myself 2 different types of fragrances to try out, both from the fragrance 'for her collection', one inspired perfume by Victoria Secret Bombshell and the other inspired by Gucci Flora. Pudore Fragrance at the moment offers 2 sizes of fragrance, either the 10ml or the 30ml size bottle. Scroll down to find out my opinion.

Inspired Victorias Secret Bombshell

Pudore Inspired Victoria Secret Bombshell in 10ml
The first item up for review would be the Victorias Secret Bombshell in 10ml, and come on guys, who doesnt love Victorias Secret fragrances? Pudore Fragrances offers a similar inspired fragrance of the same fragrance at a fraction of what it would cost in stores. A personal opinion, at RM22 per bottle of 10ml by Pudore Fragrances, the scent has a remarkably good quality. Im usually not a fan of those low quality inspired perfumes, but i have to emphasize that Pudore Frangrances has good quality of fragrances.

Easy spray on bottle
I personally have used the Victorias Secret Bombshell from the store itself, and using Pudore Fragrances version, I can't really seem to tell much difference. It has a very charming sweet scent that you can never go wrong with. So if it's your first Pudore Fragrance purchase, I would recommend you to start off with this fragrance. I wore it out the whole day, and it was good enough to last me about 8 hours, which is the average period time of good quality parfumes if you ask me. I even got complimented by someone who knew what fragrance i was wearing. Hands down, Pudore Fragrance won my heart.

Its also in my bag, so its pretty much with me wherever i go.
A little story i'd like to share is about a time when i had a super spontaneous date to rush to with ze boyfriend, and i had a super long day on the MRT and mostly walking. Basically covered in sweat, i was really worried that i might stink until i remembered that i left this travel sized perfume bottle at the corner of my bag to make me smell good again. It was such a relief and trust me, you'd never know when it might come in handy. (Currently its forever in my handbag for times i forget to spray myself with fragrances).

Inspired GUCCI Flora

Pudore Inspired Gucci Flora in 30ml
The other item I got is the Gucci Flora in 30ml. This happens to be their biggest bottles available on site at the moment and it cost RM59 a bottle. Not too bad of a deal because I absolutely LOVE Gucci Flora. Always wanted to own the GUCCI Flora fragrance, but my savings are telling me its a no. Thank god for Pudore Fragrance, I get to wear a GUCCI Flora scent whenever I go without spending a bomb in luxury stores.

The bottle is honestly super chic too! Dont you think its pretty?!
I would have to say that this comes in a really pretty bottle, exclusive to Pudore Fragrances, and it also has a luxurious touch to it too. A first  impression on their GUCCI Flora scent, it has fresh notes of agrums in the begining, then it slowly unleashes a peony scent. A very femanine scent, and loved by many females around the world! I like wearing this on casual girly days, or on a romantic night out. Currently my everyday perfume before going out. The scent eventually fades to an aromas of rose and osmanthus, and eventually to patchouli and sandalwood.

No doubt that i agree with Instafamous Syaheera Abd Wahab, who is the ambassador for Pudore Fragrance
Managed to get a photo with this beauty too!
And here is the founder of it all, Mr Rafiq who made it all happen!
As a verdict, i'd have to say that i love both the scents that i've got from Pudore Fragrance. Its definitely not dissapointing at all as it smells like high quality fragrances. And in case you think that it might have that 'cheap' fragrance infused, trust me, this is far from being a lousy dupe. Well done. Pudore Fragrance! Im usually not a fan of inspired perfumes, but you have proved me wrong in this case. Will definitely repurchase when i need a new fragrance to be added to my collection. Hehe.


Being in a digital era, within a few clicks over your laptop/desktop, you will be able to get your favourite inspired fragrances by Pudore Fragrances to be delivered right to your doorstep! If you are unsure about the scent, and no time to checkout the scents in stores, you can always give their HQ a call, and they would be more than happy to assist you in looking for the right fragrance to suit your personality. Thank you for reading my humble post, and i'll look forward to writing the next one!

Pudore Fragrance
Contact: +6 03 3359 9174/ +6 013 3049 000

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