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Puas Puas Puasa with California Raisins

Puas Puas Puasa with California Raisins!
About a few weeks ago, I made some time to explore the possibilities of California Raisins just because its the Ramadan season. Raisins have relatively been similar to dates, and it is a popular healthy snack among adults and children alike. Just to be a little more specific, California raisins are loved by many because their sweetness comes naturally from the dried grapes making it a natural source of goodness! There's just so many benefits of consuming raisins that I don't know where to start, so lets start with a recent activity we did which was more towards into including it as plating decorations and on how it can enhance recipes.

Ligo Raisins and Sun-maid Raisins
Sun Harvest California Raisins
The Raisin Administrative Committee (RAC) presented a California Raisin showcase at Hotel Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur, and guess who was present? ME! To celebrate the fasting season, the theme was puas-puas Puasa, to shed light on the goodness of raisins, to create easy recipe ideas to serve for Sahoor and Buka Puasa. Did you know that Raisins are ideal for the Ramadan season as they are ready-to-eat, tasty and healthy too! Since these raisins come in small packagings, it fits perfectly in a purse which makes it a great snack to snack on.

Raisins from California are always the best!
Since California Raisins are also economical, you won't have to worry about washing, peeling or chopping it, which leads to another point when it comes to preparing a simple meal. A favorite among many would be the California Raisin Yogurt to kick-start your day, OR you can also incorporate California Raisin in tapas/petite dishes too. But to me, i enjoy it on its own. It tastes good, and a great source of energy.

Nur Affizza Binti Azmi showing 3 recipes using California Raisins
Present during the event, we had popular TV personality and a busy mother herself, Nur Affizza Binti Azmi who demonstrated three recipes using California Raisins for busy and active working professionals and mothers to enjoy during the fasting month. The recipes were California Raisin Sweet & Sour Donuts, California Raisin Puas Smoothie, and California Raisin Tom Yum Chicken Angel Hair Pasta.

California Raisin Tom Yum Chicken Angel Hair Pasta
California Raisin Sweet & Sour Donut
California Raisin Puas Smoothie
I have to admit that with this recipe prepared by Nur Affizza Binti Azmi, busy people like you and me won't have to compromise on health and nutrition, especially during the fasting month. I know that you can be tired after a long day at work on a weekday, but thanks to California Raisin, its an ideal ingredient to prepare quick, energy-boosting and nutritious meals. Did you know that raisins are a suitable source of nutrition even for those who have diabetes?

Southern PRemium Dried Californian Raisins
There are just so many benefits of California raisins, and let me just share with you on what are the key benefits of California Raisins. The key benefits of California raisins include, all-natural, naturally sweet with no added sugar, fat and cholesterol free, low in sodium, a good source of potassium, good source of fiber, has concentrated nutrients, and contains phytonutrients that suppress the growth of oral bacteria associated with cavities and gum diseases.

The winning decoration ft raisins
The runner up!
My minimalist creation
Like, WOW! I mean, I know that raisins are good, but I never knew they cover so many good benefits for the body as well! Also, just to show you my humble creation, since we had a small activity on decorating cupcakes incorporating raisins, I tried my best by making it look minimalist, but the attendees for the day were all talented that it was uncomparable to mine. Hehe. But overall, they were all really unique when it comes to decorating cupcakes from scratch.

Congrats to the winners for the day!
I shall end my post here and say thank you to you guys for reading this post on California Raisins. Who knew that California Raisin would be a great ingredient/snack to munch on during this fasting season? I got my stash of California Raisins ready at home to prepare myself for lazy morning sahoors. Psst, if you're looking to incorporate raisins into a meal, you visit or for more tips.

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