Saturday, December 24, 2016

Unboxing CubeCrate; November 2016 Box

Unboxing November's CubeCrate
I cant believe that its November already! How time flies when youre enjoying yourself by being surrounded by love ones. Its even better when you know that CubeCrate sends you a mystery box each month. *hint's you to start subscribing* LOL. Well, im not kidding when i say that CubeCrate has given me joy over the past few months. Especially during some rough months, receiving a gift from yourself does bring a smile to your face. So lets see what CubeCrate's November box has to offer. Scroll away!

Oishi in Lychee!
I think i might have received a bottle of Oishi Green Tea, but this time its another flavour! Again, im not too fond to trying new flavours, cause i might be a little bias to my usual flavours, so this is kind of a great opportunity to try new flavours thanks to CubeCrate. Honestly, i doubt that any of Oishi Green Tea are not yummy, so its safe to say that the drink would taste delicious and refreshing (tested and proven). Hehe. Check out their Facebook for more deets at

Oh look, a Poise voucher!
Next i found a voucher code from Posie! Posie is an online fashion store founded in August 2016 by four individuals who love clothes in the style of pastel and florals. Being a new brand n the industry in Malaysia, i have to admit that this gives me a great opportunity to check them out and support them out by making my first purchase with this 10% off voucher. Tehee. I managed to spare some time to check out their website, and i might be in love with some of their designs. There goes my money gais!Do check out their website at for more peeks on what they have to offer.

Got myself some Old Skool Granola too!
Just look at how yummy they are
As im writing this post right now, im actually enjoying something from Alys The bakerland. I got myself some old skool granola which contains a mix of almonds, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds and raisins. It claims to be made out of organic ingredients , free from preservatives, flavourings and refine sugar, which means i can enjoy these snacks without feeling guilty. YAY! These handmade treats are great to be enjoyed with salad, fruits or even cornflakes in case youre wondering how i like to enjoy mine. ;) You can check their facebook out at

And i got myself some candle nuts too!
Smells amazing btw gais
Last but not least would be an item i got from Candlenuts. Its actually my first time hearing about Candlenuts and despite getting a sample sized candle, i have to say that the scent from something so small can really fill up a room of wonderful scents. So i wouldnt judge a candle by its size as these are the first handpoured candle in malaysia that uses palm wax as a wax source, to create a luxury fragrance at a lower cost. Why not check them out at if youre eager to see what they have to offer within their collection.

And look, i've got a cute notebook. 
And thats my November box
And thats about it. I also received a tiny notebook from CubeCrate which may come in handy when i need to write things down when im out. Thanks CubeCrate! If you love getting random content and products each month, why not head on over to for more information on how you can subscribe to their CubeCrate boxes. Teehee. Do leave me a comment below if you have any other further questions as i would love to share my thoughts with you too. xx


  1. Ive seen this cubecrate before and always wondered if its worth. I love surprises so i think this will be something i should try.

  2. How much is the subscription from Cubecrate?