Monday, December 5, 2016

Pablo Coffee Cheese Tarts are now available in Malaysia!

PABLO Cheesetarts now Available in Malaysia
Good news to cheese tart lovers! Pablo's freshly baked cheese tarts are now available in Malaysia, which also means that you wont have to fly all the way to Japan to get a taste of the finest freshly baked cheese tarts by Pablo. Im thankful that i was invited to a private media coverage of Pablo, but fret not as it will be open to public on the 6th of December (Tuesday) 2016 at exactly 2pm. I also heard that if youre the first 100 in line, you'll get a free Pablo Mini! And if you think thats all that Pablo has to offer, well scroll away to find out what else they have.

No Pork, No Lard used
Pablo's take out menu
Pablo's Take Out Menu
To my muslim friends, you might worry about the fact if its edible, and rest assured, they dont use pork or lard in their ingredients making it safe to consume! Other than their Pablo Mini's, they also have freshly baked tarts, sabrel cookies, Pablo's Choco Crunch in Cheese Tart Flavour and more! If you havent notice most of the items served at Pablo Coffee features a special blend of cheese within its ingredient, making it the perfect snack/dessert for cheese lovers! Since i was at their soft launch, i managed to grab a bite on their best seller items. So, if youre wondering whats worth ordering, below would be my thoughts on the pastry/dessert that i managed to grab a bite.


Pablo Mini Cheese Tart (RM8.90)
That center fill ooey gooey cheese custard. *drools
First up that i tried is the PABLO Mini. The Pablo mini is basically their highlight that gets people coming back for more. Since its baked fresh, upon purchasing this at the store, you will get these 'hot cakes' while its freshly out from the oven. I would personally suggest that you consume these cheese tarts while its hot as the cheese custard will be melting in your mouth as you take your first bite. The crust on the sides compliments the cheese custard really well too! And if you ask me, im already planning a third visit to Pablo Coffee to get more of these delicious PABLO Mini's.

Freshly Baked Cheese Tart 

PABLO's Baked Cheese Tart (RM45.90)
This is what i call, ultimate perfection!
Next thing i tried was the Freshly Baked Cheese Tart. If you think that this is like your ordinary tart, well think again as it's actually a whole baked tart thats perfect for sharing. Its similar to a small sized caked, and again usually served hot. Sharing to you my personal thoughts, i find this to be more cheesy compared to the PABLO Mini as the top spread of the freshly baked cheese tart has an interesting gel-like form texture that taste like cheese. If you're not a fan of the pastry in the pastry, this would be the best option as it taste creamier compared to the PABLO Mini. YUM! In other words, imagine cheese mousse as your dessert. Did i get your mouth drooling yet? hehe

Sabrel Cheese

Sabrel Cheese (RM32.90)
Each Sabrel Cheese is individually wrapped
Center filled with cream cheese
If you're looking for something light, why not try the Sabrel Cheese from PABLO COFFEE? These Sabrel cheese cookies are also available in Matcha or Black, but the one i tried was the original flavour. Each pack of these Sabrel cheese cookies comes in a pack of 9 individually wrapped pieces, and i have to say that its at upmost Japanese standards! From the photo above, i think its pretty clear that the center fill is filled with cheese cream which does not overpower, but blends really well with its outer crust. Perfect to indulge with coffee or tea.

PABLO Choco Crunch (Cheese Tart Flavour)

PABLO Choco Crunch (RM47.90)
Chocolatey cheese goodness!
This goes to those who would like some bite-sized savoury, the PABLO Choco Crunch. One thing i love about the Japanese traditions, they really put effort on presenting their products to the world, and the PABLO Choco Crunch is a perfect resemblance of the Japanese etiquette. Every pack of PABLO Choco Crunch comes in a tin box of 12 individually wrapped pieces so that they are at their 'cruchies' state when consumed. What does it taste like? Its like a crunchy ball of cheese tarts with a slight hint of white chocolate! I confess that this can get pretty addictive, so im here to warn you to savour every bite. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Classic Cheese Tart PABLO Frute

Classic Cheese Tart PABLO Frute (RM15.90)
They even sell drinks to quench your thirst! With about 5  different varieties to choose from, i decided to go for the classic cheese tart Pablo Frute as its something that you dont see everyday. I know what you must be thinking, MORE CHEESE?! HAHA. Yes, thats a cheesy drink after all those cheesy desserts, but surprisingly, the classic cheese tart drink had a yogurty taste instead of a cheesy taste. (so its rather smooth to quench your thirst). A must try if you happen to drop by PABLO Coffee.


Super friendly staffs
Mandatory backdrop shot. Teehee
The perfect hi-tea at home with loved ones.
My thoughts on PABLO Coffee? I have to say that these are 'THE' pastries and desserts if you like something to savour after a meal. Presentations are always on point, and the service at PABLO Coffee are always with constant smiles. I've visited Pablo Coffee twice this week and the staff never fails to make me feel welcomed. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to check out PABLO COFFEE in 1 Utama's old wing today! (Be early, as these are going out pretty viral at the moment) Hehe. To keep yourself updated with PABLO Cheesetart's, follow their facebook page at xx


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  3. wow...i tried it!!!Really nice tart!!!very cheesy~~~

  4. I like this brand because it is no pork and its halal. That way many can appreciate these tarts.

  5. I like this brand because it is no pork and its halal. That way many can appreciate these tarts.

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