Saturday, December 24, 2016

[REVIEW] The Entertainer Malaysia 2016

Reviewing The Entertainer Malaysia 2016
Hello there everyone! I was recently introduced to the Entertainer and before even being introduced, i've always heard about how much you save when you purchase the Entertainer book which for this particular edition has over 855 buy one get one free offers, and i finally got one book of my own. So with so much enjoyments of saving and discovering new places, i would proudly say that this book has brought so much joy since i got it. Want to find out more perks about having this book? Scroll away!


Browsing through The Entertainer
Before i start talking about my spendings, lets have a short introduction on the book. The Entertainer Malaysia 2016 claims to have MYR47,500 worth of savings, with over 855 buy one get one free offers which i have to say sounds really tempting. You may wonder what are the contents of the book, so let me break it down for you. The book generally offers buy one get one free deals for fine dining restaurants, family and casual dining, cafés, informal dining, attractions,  spas and so much more! Being a person whos always concern about money, i have to say that this book gave me a pleasure of spending on luxuries at half price.


Buy one free one offers anyone?
Being Malaysian, i think im all about the food! Here's a sneaky tip of mine! When you are in doubt of where to go, i'd highly recommend you to keep a book of the Entertainer Malaysia 2016 in your car (After all, it claims to entertain). The funny thing was that the first time i attempt to use the book was when me and a friend of mine were clueless on what to do and where to eat, and since i had the book the car, we went through some of the offers, and found one that was near by! So, the final decision was that we went to Delicious because we've never been to Delicious together cause the prices were a little steep, but since we had the buy one get one free offer, we didnt even need to think twice! And whats even more satisfying was that we only had to pay for 1 meal and the other meal was FOC.

Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang from Delicious
Creamy Salmon Pasta from Delicious
We paid 2 meals for the price of 1
Salmon Poach Breakfast from Quar/Tet
The Big Breakfast from Quar/Tet
Again, we paid for 2 meals for the price of 1.
I've always wanted to go cafe hopping, but usually due to financial restrictions, its a little hard to 'hop' around when you are required to spend on something that you're not sure if its good. And  this is where again, the Entertainer saves the day! Never in my life have i decided to go for hipster café (or so they call it), but since i had a voucher, i told myself 'might as well'. There are 2 places that i visited, namely Delicious and Quartet that was located in Bangsar and TTDI since i stay near by. I barely paid more than RM30 for 2 meals at one location, and i have to say with the quality of food served, it was worth it! I think this proves that the Entertainer really filters theirs partners on the quality provided before being eligible to be a part of the entertainer. So whenever youre trying to discover new places to eat, why not let the Entertainer help you with your decisions, PLUS a bonus get 1 free offer. Whats there not to love really?

I even used this as a family day out activity
Some options on the gameplays at Breakout
We lost, but it was a really fun experience!
And since my sister was on school holiday, we decided to go for some fun family activities with nonetheless, the Entertainer. My sister is a HUGE fan of escape room, so there was actually something similar to that which was called 'BREAKOUT' that was in the Entertainer book. It was honestly my first time being there, and boy did we have fun! Honestly speaking, i wouldnt have thought of going without the Entertainer's suggestions, but thanks to the entertainer, me and my sister are closer than ever now! Who would have thought that a book can bring family closer?


Trying out The Entertainer App
And if you think it ends there, IT DOESNT! Every purchase of this book, you will also be eligible to a VIP Key number that can be found in the book on the Travel app page for exclusive member benefits and offers. The VIP Key number is usable when you download the latest version of the Entertainer App where you can get more value out of your entertainer with offers that are added to the app every month! YASSS TO OFFERS.

Treated my sister with some Jipangi Ice Cream
Again, got 2 for the price of 1
Some of the offers that i claimed via app would be a Jipangi Korean Ice Cream dessert where i got 2 Original sized Jipangi Korean Ice Cream at the price of 1. Its a really nice feeling to get to treat yourself and at the same time getting to treat my younger sister without feeling the pinch of spending. I would say that the app makes it super convenient to browse and at the same time make use your free time by using offers when youre out shopping around without a purpose. (Confession of a Shopaholic).


I even got my all time Chatime being available in The Entertainer
Tadaa, and 2 items for the price of 1. I can get use to this.
Whats there not to love about The Entertainer book?
I have so much to share but i wouldnt want this blogpost to be too wordy as no one enjoys reading a blogpost filled with too much words. As an overall point of view, i would say that its highly recommended to get the entertainer if you are looking for more discoveries that you never knew existed with a get one free offer! Or if youre just bored, i would guarantee that the Entertainer will definitely have something for you to keep yourself entertained. I enjoyed it so much that i actually purchased myself the Entertainer 2017 about 2 weeks ago since it was on promo at half price! And there you have it, do leave me a comment if you have any questions on the Entertainer book as i would love to hear your thoughts on it. For more information, visit for more information. xx


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    I have read and re-read you post with hopes of find a price for the book,can anyone even not a Malaysian use it?

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    Dounds amazing, and fun too coz you'll have a chance to do food hopping!

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