Friday, December 16, 2016

[REVIEW] Lip Pure Lip Balm by Mentholatum

Lip Pure Lip Balm Review
Good morning, it's such an easy Sunday for me as I'm given all the time in the world to just relax while I enjoy my cup of hot chocolate in the morning. And if you're wondering what I like to do on a Sunday morning, I'm about to tell you what. No other day would be the perfect day to stay home as you pamper yourself with a facemask, lotion and everything else that you need to give your body an extra boost to prep for a whole new week ahead. And as the title states what I'll be talking about today, I'll be sharing with you on Lip Pure Lip Balm as my lip remedy.

Personally i like the simplicity of it
Unlike any usual lip balm, the Lip Pure Lip Balm is formulated with food grade ingredients, 5 types if essential oils, 3 types of honey extracts and plant extract making it the safest lip moisturized that would nourish your lips for smoother, softer lips with its long-lasting moisturizing effect. So if you are looking for a lip balm that only contains natural food grade ingredients, this would be the excellent remedy for those with sensitive lips as it's also fragrance-free!

Some information on Lip Pure Lip Balm
The blend of 5 types of Natural essential oils featuring argan oil, marula oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter and avocado oil are the perfect combination with moisturizing and nourishing properties to produce beautiful supple lips. Enhanced with New Zealand Honey Bee ingredients that I was told are natural and unpolluted, Lip Pure delivers underpasses properties of beeswax, royal jelly, and manuka honey to the skin. I would say that the honey is one of the key ingredients in this formulation as it is a natural humectant that ensures moisture is retained in the layers of the skin for lasting hydration! My findings are almost as sweet as honey (if you get what I mean). hehe

Loving the pastel yello shade
Moreover, natural plant ingredients such as meadowfoam seed oil, jojoba oil, and rosemary leaf extract are added into the formulation to protect the skin from aging, while functioning as a lip moisturizer. Vitamin E is another important anti-oxidant element in its formulation that protects skin from damage caused by free radicals too!

Currently my favourite lip balm to bring around when im travelling
As a verdict, I would say that this would be my ultimate remedy to moisturizing chapped lips for sensitive lips. One swipe of this colorless lip balm would be all you need to rejuvenate your lips from the harsh weather and pollution in today's era. Beauty Tip: A personal secret to my beauty regime if you're a fan of matte lipstick, it's highly recommended that you use this the night before for smoother application of matte liquids the next morning. (You're most welcome) The Lip Pure Lip Balm is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets at RM17.90 (4g).

Sara xx

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