Wednesday, December 21, 2016

7-Eleven Tokidoki Planner x Notebook Campaign

Calling all tokidoki fans!
We know and love the 7-Eleven we drop by to every now and then, and for me, 7-Eleven is my on-the-go pit stop each time im rushing for work or events. And guess what Tokidoki fans? From now till 6th of February 2017, 7-Eleven has collaborated with tokidoki to create notebooks with exclusive designs for 7-Eleven customers. With every RM5 spend in any 7-Eleven stores nationwide, customers are entitled to 1 sticker. When a total of 24 stickers are collected, customers may redeem a tokidoki Planner x Notebook for free!

Collect all 12 Designs Today!
On top of that, this campaign has a CSR partner on board namely, Protect and Save the Children or otherwise known as P.S The Children. When every picture of tokidoki planner x notebook redeemed from 7-Eleven Malaysia is shared on Facebook or Instagram, RM1 will be donated to P.S The Children. Thus, giving me more reasons to share this news out. I've already shared my Tokidoki Planner out to social media (with the hashtags of #7ElevenMY #tokidoki #PSTheChildren), when will you? Psst, and an additional of RM10 will be donated for every redemption of the Tokidoki Planner x Notebook too

Tokidoki Doodle Contest X PS The Children
How to join the Tokidoki Doodle Contest
Here's a sample doodle that you can try to beat. 
Furthermore, 7-Eleven has an exciting contest along with this redemption campaign, The Tokidoki Doodle Contest! So after redeeming your tokidoki Planner x Notebook, you can simply doodle your favourite tokidoki character and share it out with the hashtags of #7ElevenMY #tokidoki #PSTheChildren to stand a chance of winning exciting prizes and limited tokidoki merchandises! So if you would like to maximise your redemption, test out your creativity and win some attractive prizes. 

Here's how the actual Tokidoki Planner X Notebook looks like.
The Monthly Planner layout
Its either you get the blank sheet and the lined sheet as a notebook!
So what are you waiting for? I already gotten mine, when will you get this cute Planner for yourself to start a great new year? Hehe. Psst, quicker collections, be sure to checkout their list of partners (click here: and get an additional sticker instantly! For more details and information regarding the campaign, head on over to 7-Eleven's Facebook page at to read more about this fun and exciting campaign. Thats all for now as im gonna start with my doodling for the contest. xx

Sticker Issuance Period: 13th Dec 2016 – 6th Feb 2017
Redemption Period: 13th Dec 2016 – 13th Feb 2017


  1. Wow! I love Tokidoki, ok will go there and check it out. Hope still have stock.

  2. Wow! i am cOLLEcting, hope I managed to get it before stocks last! Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  3. Awh I didn't know 7-11 had this redemption. Will check it out the next time I make a pit stop there, the designs look lovely.

  4. Ahhh this planner looks superb!! Hope that they still have this planner for redeem =D

  5. Oh wow I like Tokidoki, wish to have the full collection :)

  6. Tokidoki is so cute. I'd love to have the planner, but I don't think I'd use it. Just for my collection of cute stuff!

  7. Wow so cute! Every design looks so kawaii~ !!! I want some! lol

    - xx, Mariel

  8. these are soooo pretty... i manage to save and get one already.... huhuh

  9. OMG Why 7-Eleven Malaysia only?!!!! I want Tokidoki! I wish 7-Eleven Philippines will have it too.

  10. I used to really like tokidoki in high school. They're all so cute but I have few planners already!