Saturday, December 3, 2016


Here's my parcel of Joy from Lazada! #ThanksLazada!
In conjunction with the online revolution happening on the 12.12,  Lazada has decided to join in the fun by sending me over one of their box of joy! It has been a hype among tons of bloggers that i know, and now since i have a box of my own, i'll be sharing to you about what i've received. If youre wondering whats this Online Revolution all about, its actually one of the biggest online sale of the year, making it the best time to shop till you drop. Teehee.

And here's whats inside!
Just so that you're prepared for 12.12, the biggest online sale of the year (and may also be the last sale before the year ends), will be held on 3 consecutive days which will be from the 12th of December to the 14th of December. So book your calendars if you dont want to miss out on the craze! Psst, some of the items featured in my box might also be a hint of the items and brands that you should keep a look out for during the online revolution. So sit back, relax and keep your eyes open on your target.

Some noodles from Maggi Malaysia
Nestlé Nutripuffs and Full Cream Milk
Baby diaper and wipes from Drypers and MamyPoko
Nescafé all new Pandan flavoured Coffee
RM11 off voucher and a cute bottle! 
A panda from food panda (how cute is this?!)
And my to be explored VR Box! Always wanted to give it a go, but now this gives me a reason to have some fun a little. 
The items featured within my box of joy are rather interesting! Some of the items i spotted were from Maggi, MamyPoko, Nestle, a cute panda from foodpanda, a VR Box, Nestlé, Nescafé and Drypers!
I've also attached some photos aboave for your reference too, since i know some of you like looking at photos rather than reading! I honestly cant wait to use up all my items of joy and pick out my favourite items. And believe me when i say that i got my eyes on the food that i found in the box. hehe

My eyes are all on the food as food gives me joy. #goodenough
So if youre ready to shop, be sure to mark your calendars on the 12.12 so that you dont miss out on the crazy deals on Lazada! Even i've set a reminder on my phone to make sure that im ready as ever to snag some crazy deal items before it goes sold out. You have been warn as the early bird catches the worm. Hehe. To shop, head over to this link right here which will redirect you to the Official Lazada Malaysia Site : Psst, all the brands in this post are available on Lazada, and if you have your eyes set on anything that i've posted today, you can shop without getting out of the house cause Lazada will be doing all the work by sending it over to you instead. xx

Click the link above to direct yourself to the site, pronto!

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  1. Lazada is my favorite shopping website as well! Wish to have more code on discount!