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Unboxing CubeCrate; December 2016 Box

Unboxing CubeCrate December 2016 Box
Received this CubeCrate Box just in time for Christmas, and honestly speaking, I was actually looking forward to the parcel! Being a Christmas season, I'm pretty sure that CubeCrate will have tons of surprises to celebrate the gifting season. So if you're here with me in discovering what's in my December box, scroll away as I unbox my December 2016 box!

Upon unboxing, here are some the things that i see
Brands featured in this months box
Here are some sneak peaks on what's inside. And really it looks like its almost full! If you've been following me on my unboxing post, you would notice that its pretty much of a habit to me to check out the list of the brands of this months box first before going through whats inside. So in this month's box, we have 7 featured brands namely, Oishi Green Tea, J&E Botanicals, Stick With Me, Taratats, Beyond Beauty, Fraîche Designer Delectables, and Candle Nuts.

Oh lookie, a little gift from Cubecrate! THANK YOU!
Upon unboxing the box, I think it's pretty obvious that there's a really cute calendar in it to welcome twenty seventeen by CubeCrate, thanks to @moodoodles. Way too pretty, giving me the excitement to start my year fresh with this handle calendar. (Thanks, CubeCrate ) I also got a cute Christmas ornament attached too, and boy it was like the center piece to my Christmas tree for 2016.

One of my favourite bottled drinks at the moment
First up in my box would be the Oishi Green Tea in honey lemon flavor. I'm loving the fact that I get to enjoy a drink while I'm writing this blog post right now and let me hand it to ya, it super refreshing! It's actually green tea with honey lemon and even on regular days, I would grab this for myself from a 7Eleven store nearby my place. Mmmhmm.

Room & Body Spray in Christmas Spirit
Next in my box would be the J&E Botanicals aromatherapy room and body spray in Christmas Spirit in 10ml. Checked out their site, and I'm actually surprised that the full-size Christmas Spirit (60ml) is only priced at RM20! Got this in a very Christmassy scent which kind of smelled like gingerbread actually, but when I referred to their site, its actually a blend of warm, sweet & Spicy scents of orange, cinnamon, and spruce. Mmmm. Perfect for the christmas season! One thing I respect about J&E Botanicals, is that their products are handcrafted and born out of the belief for a better and natural lifestyle, sans toxic and synthetic chemicals.

Look, i got myself a candy cane from Stickwitme
Highquality, once sticked considered permanent
Oh, lookie here! I received something from StickWitMe  I think I received one of their products during Halloween and I'm loving how long lasting it sticks with me (literally). LOL. But yes, it's not your usual sticker cause its made out of PU leather, making it the perfect sticker to stick almost anywhere! Since my phone needed a little makeover to suit the season, I decided to stick my candy cane form StickWitMe on my phone cover. Don't you think it adds the perfect touch to my phone? MAJOR LOVE!  Looks like I won't need to worry about buying a new cover. Hehe

Taratats anyone?
Decided to cut a piece
And viola, is it a ring? A sticker? No! It's a temporary tattoo!
I also received something from Taratats, and they actually feature modern temporary tattoo making it the perfect accessory for almost any occasion. In my case, I decided to cut it out and apply a string of the temporary tattoo onto my middle finger, making it look like an illusion that im wearing a ring. Pretty cool ey? I also managed to show this to my sister, and she hasn't taken her eyes off it as she's begging me to let her use some of the star temporary tattoos's on Christmas day.

Oh lookie, something from Beyond Beauty
Hmm, this may be a tough decision
But honestly, this might be my favorite item of all! I got myself a Beyond Beauty voucher to reimburse for a beauty treatment. With this voucher, I can either pick to go for an Alpha Skin Hydrating Facial (worth RM200), RF Fat Erase treatment (worth RM480) or for a Relaxing Swedish Massage (worth RM200). UGH, much needed treatment before i end my year really. THANK YOU CUBECRATE FOR THE TREAT! I might have thought twice if I knew that I had to pay RM200 for a facial treatment, but with your voucher, looks like all expenses for my facial is on you. YAY!

Snackables anyone?
Apparently a sister project by Fraîche Designer Delectables
Oh look, I even got myself a snack from Fraîche Designer Delectables Granola! The Snackables are actually a new sister project by Fraîche Designer Delectables that features a wide range of guilt-free snacks & desserts. So if you're interested in checking them out, you can head on over to their Instagram for more snackable at Snackablesfdd. And here in my box features one of their Granola in Christmas Fruitcake which is a combination of walnuts, pumpkin seeds, apricots and all spices which are 100% natural & homemade. Got a few bites of it, and let me tell you that these snacks are pretty filling.

CandleNuts by Nadia
My room now smells like pink lemonande!
Last but not least would be a candle from Candle Nuts by Nadia. Received a sample size item from my last month's box, and now I'm super stoked that I received a full-size candle in pink lemonade from Candle Nuts by Nadia. These candles by "Nadia" are apparently the first hand poured candle in Malaysia that uses palm wax making it a kind of its own. The full-size candle can burn up to 40-45 hours and its priced at RM25.90.

All these and its only RM35 for a box!
So, I guess that about it for my unboxing review of Cubecrate's December 2016 box. As a conclusion, I personally feel like it's Christmas already with this box of wonders being in my room right now. I got myself a facial treat, a candle that makes my room smells like pink lemonade, a drink and snacks, and more! These are literally worth more than what I paid for a box I would say. So if you like to receive one of these boxes for yourself, head on over to and subscribe! Do it pronto as I wouldn't want you to miss out on amazing themed goodies from CubeCrate.

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