Tuesday, December 6, 2016

[LAUNCH] The official launch of Mewangi X Mewangi Ambassador

At the launch of Mewangi at Hilton Kuala Lumpur
Hello readers, i know its not an everyday thing that i talk about local skincare brands, but after all the hype Mewangi has been creating, i decided to check them out at their launch which was held at the Hilton Kuala Lumpur earlier this week. To those who know me, you would know that im all in for supporting locals startups and brands, just because, MALAYSIA BOLEH! Mewangi started being in the scene earlier in February in 2016, and sales has been going up ever since, thus making it a reason for Ayu Azmera, founder of Mewangi to have a grand launch featuring Noraniza Idris as the Ambassador of Mewangi!

Ayu Azmera, Founder of Mewangi
Mewangi guarantees 100% that its made out of high quality, safe and hygienic ingredients that are suitable for sensitive skin as its made out of natural ingredients such as mountain salt, bees wax, floral essence and local Malaysian herbs that are usually well known for many health and repairing benefits. The formulation has made the perfect combination of skincare that are made out of high quality ingredients with an affordable price. All products from Mewangi are registered by the 'Ministry of Health Malaysia' and has been proven to be free from harmful ingredients such as mercury, paraben, and etc.

The brand sticks to a moto of "Putih, Anjal, Gebu dan Cantik Menawan" which in English means to achieve Fair, Bouncy, Soft and Attractive Skin as the brand aims to produce skincare that are high in quality and at the same time providing job opportunities to entrepreneurs of all ages. The brand currently features 4 types of products namely, Chewing Gum Soap, Peeling Scrub, Mewangi Cream and Mewangi Peanik Seri 7 Bunga. Since i brought home a trial kit to test it out, below would be a light review on what i think about the products. Teehee.


Mewangi Chewing Gum Soap is a cleanser that is made out of honey and cinnamon as the main ingredient to help remove blackheads, reduce acne, protects skin, whitens and reduces redness while it leaves a cooling sensation on your skin. If youre wondering if it smells like Chewing Gum, it actually does which give me an enjoyable sensation to cleanse my face all day long. Hehe.

The Peeling Scrub is made out of mountain salt helps to remove dead skin, reduce blackheads, whitens the skin and is also suitable to be used for your face and body. I would consider this as a two in one if you like your products to be multi-purpose. I know i do! hehe. Again, it leaves your skin smelling really fresh and i actually find the scrub really gently on the skin. Im not too fond to some scrubs in the market as they can be a little harsh, but this i approve.

Mewangi Cream is a cream that evens out skin tone, moisturises, whitens and makes your skin glow upon application. Its also perfect to keep your skin protected from UV rays as it has SPF60 ! Its made out of floral essence (containing 7 different types of flowers) and also pearl extracts which leaves your skin smelling heavenly as it leaves your skin with a natural glow. Im actually amazed that the texture is very much waterbased, and the formulation is well absorbed by my skin. SO YAS! I like the fact that it smells like candy, and that it doenst leave a greasy feel on my skin. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

The last product is the Mewangi Penaik Seri 7 Bunga which is made out of beeswax and floral essence that are derived from 7 different types of flowers. This product helps to reduce stubborn acne and blackheads AND also claims that after 14 days of use, your skin will be fairer and smoother too! Well, this cream to me sounds like a miracle, unfortunately i have yet to try this for myself to be sure that it does what its suppose to do. Hehe.


The official signing ceremony
With Noraniza Idris as their official ambassador, i would say that her lifestyle relates to brand really well. For those who are unfamiliar with Noraniza Idris, shes actually a really famous Malaysian singer when it comes malay traditional tunes! And to compliment her love and passion to traditional music, Mewangi makes it the perfect brand to collaborate as Mewangi follows the same principals of traditional values. WOOHOO!

Noraniza Idris, as the spokesperson of Mewangi
And there you have it! Personally its amazing to see local brands growing really fast in Malaysia, and i have to give credit to Ayu Azmera's hard work to making Mewangi a solution to those who have troubled skin. Being Malaysian myself, i do agree that we have tons of potentials to further make use of our local herbs, and I hope Mewangi explores more into producing more high quality products. Its definitely a worthy product to try if youre looking for something more Malaysian when it comes to skincare, and i have to say if i was given a choice to repurchase, i would say that its a YES! For more details on Mewangi, why not check out their facebook page at facebook.com/mewangisatudunia or head over to their official website at www.mewangiofficial.com. Do leave me a comment, and let me know about what you think about the brand. Would love to hear from you if you have an questions on Mewangi as i would love to share my opinions with you. xx

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