Sunday, December 4, 2016

Anlene X Sheila Majid to Relaunch 'Sinaran'

Move as Young as you feel with Anlene
Anlene is a well-known brand to many and they have recently launched the new remake of popular hit ‘Sinaran’ in partnership with Sheila Majid as an extension of its ‘Move As Young As You Feel Inside’ campaign. The new formulation of Anlene MoveMax included added ingredients like collagen in addition to Calcium, Protein, and a unique bundle of nutrients to help care for your bones, joints and muscles to support overall movement.

Mandatory backdrop shot
The campaign had an aim to get people to embrace their youthfulness through movement and nutrition with the launch of the more upbeat, funk-pop version of Sheila's hit to celebrate the joys of moving young, regardless of what age. Shiela's even gave advice to the guest to keep moving, to feel young, and that its a better combination when movement is maintained with good nutrition too (Hints: Anlene). And i cant agree with her more!

During the launch, they even had a free movement checkup!
Here's me checking the condition of my spine.
Not sure what they're doing, but they were checking the amount of calcium i have in my body
As part of this exciting 'Move young' campaign, Anlene has appointed Sheila Majid as the role model to inspire Malaysians to make movement as an important part of their lifestyle. Being in her 50s, Sheila proved that she still has moves with the more energetic, funk pop version of Sinaran which features a cameo rap by her daughter, Kayda, an upcoming artiste. Its a really sweet moment to watch a mother and her daughter working hand in hand, and i could really tell that Sheila Majid has been really supportive with Kayda's new talent! Watch her latest relaunch in the video attached below:

Shiela Majid performing 'Sinaran'
Official launching ceremony
Sheila shared that this year marks her 30 years in the music industry and the relaunch of Sinaran makes it all more meaningful. Sheila also mentioned that Anlene played an important role in her life as it helps to fulfil her nutritional needs for an active lifestyle, not to forget that its super delicious too! Its no wonder that Sheila is an inspiration to many as she believes in taking care of herself and her family with the right nutrition such as Anlene.

I couldnt resist their promotional offers, so i brought a pack of it home with me
The new Anlene formulation with MoveMax contains a unique bundle of nutrients including the newly added collagen and other nutrients such as calcium, protein, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6, B12, C, D and E that work together to provide care for you bones, joints and muscles. Some of you may think that this drink is more suitable for those who you would consider 'old', but its actually suitable for those above 20 years old! I admit that my routine can be pretty hectic with so many things to do in a day, and thanks to Anlene, i can feel that my bones are stronger, especially when it comes to building strength for my ballet classes.

From left; Sheila Majid's daughter Kayda, and Sheila Majid smiling for the camera
Anlene products can be found in all leading supermarkets, nationwide. From powdered milk, to yoghurt, which are easily purchased to enjoy the new Anlene with MoveMax, which comes in 2 variants. The powdered form comes in plain and chocolate and is available in 1kg, 600g and 175g packs while the Anlene Movemax Yoghurt is available in 4 delicious variants, featuring plain, mango, strawberry and mixed berries. Be sure to keep yourself updated with Anlene by following their facebook page at xx

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