Monday, December 19, 2016

Asianic by Wonderland // Halal Product

Reen Rahim, Brand Ambassador of Asianic presents Asianic!
Wonderland Primary was found in 2009 as a marketing company on health and skincare, catered for families of all ages. Wonderland Primary has stepped up in their game by selling their products at major supermarkets, pharmacies and small independent stores around Malaysia. This effort has took Wonderland to widen their brand awareness not only for locals in Malaysia but also for international branding awareness, which i also have to say that is a big achievement! Wont you agree? And whats even better about it is that its our very own Malaysian based brand! Go MALAYSIA!

The full range of Asianic
What makes wonderland primary unique is that they prioritise the halal label when producing products such as Asianic, which already has an ISO status, with a halal cert and has received a good manufacturing practice status. (PLUS POINTS) The goal of the company is to produce quality products that are as good as international brands, but of couse, being a Malaysian brand, it takes support from us (the people of Malaysia) to make sure that they are given the acreditation of quality assurance. So play your part and support as i believe in Asianic as a good brand to keep up with.

Asianic Shampoo Ranges
Asianic's Hygiene Foam Wash, Ginger Cream and Ginger Spa Salt.
Body Scrub, Shower Cream and Hand/Body Lotion (Rice Milk Range)
Body Scrub, Shower Cream and Hand/Body Lotion (Sakura Range)
Asianic has a variety of products ranging from shower creams, body scrub, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, salt scrub and more to offer! Asianic products contains extracts from sakura flowers, rice milk, aloe vera, and cinnamon to help remove dead skin while moisturising the skin at the same time. Their shampoos on the other hand contains green tea extracts to provide a softer feel thats soft, shiny and to give it a more lively look. Asianic shampoos are also specifically designed to be available to reduce have problems such as dandruff, hair fall and oily scalp too. They also claimed that you will see improvements in five days after using Asianic Shampoos! So yas, they have all your solutions making it the perfect brand to cater for a family with different hair problems.

Their promotional packaging comes in a cute drawstring bag! *while stocks last
The brand offers products that are within an affordable price range, which starts from RM10.90 to RM17.90 per product. And even i was shocked to know that their pricing is actually affordable, which wouldnt give me a reason to think twice on how good the products are. Hehe. I wont even need to worry whether if the shampoo is halal, since they already have a halal cert which gurantees that the preparation of these products are clean even during production.

Reen Rahim, Brand Ambassador for Asianic
OMG OMG OMG GAIS! I managed to get a photo off with Reen Rahim! 
Asianic products are now available in almost all major supermarkets, pharmacies and mini marts all around Malaysia! If youre interested, you may also purchase Asianic products from Also dont forget to follow their facebook page and Instagram pages as i've heard that they are very active in conductin events as well! Recently i met Reen Rahim, a famous Malaysian Actress as she is the brand ambassador for Asianic! How cool is that?! Hehe. Well thats all for now, do leave me a comment below if you've used their products before or if you have any questions on it. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. xx


  1. I pakai juga produk ni... Memang best suka pakai scrub dia oh

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  3. What a nice product! I hope that is also available here at our place.

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  5. The packaging is nice. Have not try this product yet. More choice from our Muslim friends as the products certified halal and save to be consume. Thanks for sharing it.

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