Friday, December 23, 2016

The Seduction Game with Playboy Fragrances

Ready for the game of seduction?
Seduction is all in the scent, and who plays it better than Playboy Fragrances! Playboy Fragrances Malaysia brings playfulness into the game of seduction with its new sexy range the King and Queen of the Game. Consisting of eau de toilette and deodorant spray, the range is an answer to young men wanting to make the leap from boy to men, as well as to bold young woman who are not afraid to make the first move for what they want. Playboy King and Queen of the Game is a complex yet alluring scent thats perfect for anyone who wants to play it confident, sophisticated or sassy on social grounds.

Presenting the latest fragrance
The King of the Game range are for the men who eager to tease the senses with a cocktail of masculine and adventurous scents. The fragrance features a blend of lemon, cardamom and black pepper with addictive notes of black coffee, Granny Smith apple and J├Ągerbomb. Yet, the boldness is balanced by a sweet but subtle tone of vanilla, cedar and patchouli. I got a sniff of this, and i have to say that guys with scents like this are mysteriously sexy

A spectacular dance my performers during the event
In contrast, the Queen of the Game range is a composition of elegant floral notes, fit for a queen! The sweet and vivacious combination of jasmine sambac and orange blossom is accentuated by passionflower, coffee foam and coffee absolute. Beneath the passionate scent, delicious notes of chocolate, Tonka bean, cedar and patchouli invites attraction. I would say that this scent would not dissapoint women who know that they are in control.

Close up look on the bottle designs
The magnetic mix of scents is topped with the technological breakthrough of the King and Queen of the Game deodorant spray. Featuring the SkinTouch Innovation, the formula is designed to retain freshness and fragrance for 24 hours a day. When spraying this deodorant, the encapsulated fragrance beads contained in it are released onto skin and are reactivated throughout the day. When someone touches or caresses your skin, the friction tears the capsule and releases the scent within the bead. In other words, this product allows one to smell fantastic all day, especially during skin-on-skin interaction. OHHH sneaky. Even in the heat of the moment, it’s essential to keep your cool. That’s why Playboy SkinTouch deodorant spray delivers 24 hours odour and freshness control. So much win la this deodorant, and i have to say that this is my first time hearing about deodorant thats hi-tech!

The previous Playboy Fragrances in their new look!
The Play it wild series
The Playboy new york seres
Playboy Fragrances has developed a bold pack design including a new custom male deodorant spray cap, punchy new graphics and a tall, elegant shape that has been revamped to all the previous ranges. The tactile spray cap puts power at your fingertips with its sleek, silver press-button that’s embellished with the outline of the rabbit head. And thanks to slidable Play-Pause on-off positions, you can put the can into a gym bag or in an overnight bag without worrying about it spraying everywhere.  To match its playful and exciting scents, Playboy Fragrances has revamped the designs of all its products as well, including the King and Queen of the Game making your previous scent looking still brand new!

The Queen of the Game, Michelle
The King of the Challenge, Taufiq
Other than unveiling its new fragrances during the event, Playboy also crowned the winners for its King and Queen Challenge that ran in mid-October where the contest featured videos detailing situations that requires one to stand out among others to win the hearts of an attractive stranger. Muhammad Taufiq Firdausi and Michelle Chua Khit Yeng  post a seduction strategy that came out top for their creativity in stealing hearts, and each bagged a brand new iPhone 7, a makeover session, an exclusive invitation to the Playboy Fragrance Malaysia party, and a feature on the Playboy Fragrances Malaysia Facebook. 

Sunny Wong (National Sales Manager of Coty Malaysia Sdn Bhd), Pheong Kak Hing (Business Unit Controller of Coty Malaysia Sdn Bhd), Carolyn Kong (Marketing Manager of Coty Malaysia Sdn Bhd) and Bryanne Wong (Marketing Executive of Coty Malaysia Sdn Bhd) at the Playboy Fragrances King & Queen of the Game media launch. 
The seduction game is on, press to ‘play’! Get your hands on Playboy’s King and Queen of the Game at major stores and pharmacies nationwide. The King of the Game eau de toilette retails at RM39.90 while the Queen of the Game retails at RM42.90. Both the deodorants are priced at RM18.90 each. For more updates on Playboy Fragrances, head on over to their FB page,


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