Friday, January 15, 2016

A Molecular Gastronomic Experience With MAGNUM

Dinner for the night
It was truely an honour to be invited to MAGNUM's 'teasing' event and we all know MAGNUM ice cream's has one of the most premium ice cream worldwide! Bringing more joy to the new years, MAGNUM ice cream aims to provide every pleasure seeker with the most decadent chocolate indulgence.

Presenting the new two flavours
If you are unaware, MAGNUM has recently welcome its two new ice-cream flavours - MAGNUM PINK and MAGNUM BLACK. And with this exciting news, they have carefully crafted these two ice creams to suit different sides of a persons personality. And since i went as a blogger, they prepared a very exclusive molecular gastronomic experience for us at MAGNUM Kuala Lumpur.

Chef Isadora Chai
Takes a lot of work to prepare gastronomic dishes!
Present at the event was renowned restauranteur, Chef Isadora Chai who divulged on how MAGNUM PINK and MAGNUM BLACK represents the moods and personalities to inspired her to create two desserts that beautifully epitomise the traits. Using molecular culinary technique's, she demonstrated how her dish is prepared, incorporating exquisite ingredients such as Pomegranate and Espresso with Africa's highly treasured Tanzanian chocolate that it derived from the prized cacaos harvested from Equatorial African soil.

The Pomegranate Caviar in Belgian Chocolate
Looking like a flirty pomegranate right there
First up would be her Pomegranate Caviar in Belgian Chocolate. This dish was inspired in mind with the mood and personality of PINK MAGNUM holds, the union of belgian chocolate and pomegranate evokes the fun, flirty yet cheeky personality. I have to say that the presentation of this dish was over the top, and i had a tough time deciding to either eat it, or let it be. haha

Over the top presentation
The Espresso Sorbet with Tanzanian Chocolate
The other dish prepared by Chef Isadora would be the Espresso Sorbet with Tanzanian Chocolate. This dish generally represents confidence, elegance and utmost sophistication as the traits of the more nuanced espresso and Tanzanian chocolate combination. If youre a coffee lover, this basically would taste like heaven to you.

Whats your mood? 
If youre not sure on what mood youre feeling, MAGNUM has set a website for yout to get started with MAGNUM Moodology which happens to be a fun mood/personality test to help pleasure seekers discover their MAGNUM mood Colour of the moment. Also, by just participating in this fun and exciting  campaign, you might be the LUCKY 10 to get exclusive invites to attend the Pink and Black Party. And i have to say that Magnum throws one of the most GLAMOROUS parties ever. What are you waiting for? Visit today!

Chef Isadora and Mr Shawn Tan, Head of Ice Cream, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd
And there you have it, MAGNUM ice cream has sealed its unparalleled reputation as the worlds purveyor of premium ice cream and chocolate by bringing their chocolate expertise to ice cream lovers across the world through diverse flavours and sizes. With their official launch happening in March 2016, it will mark yet another MAGNUM milestone!

It was just too good to not get photos with it
Dessert of the night. YUMS!
To discover more on MAGNUM PINK and MAGNUM BLACK and your MAGNUM mood Colour of the moment, please do visit For live updates, do check out MAGNUM Malaysia's official Facebook Page and Instagram to keep yourself updated.

Sara xx


  1. You make me tempting to try this out.I love Magnum ice cream nyum nyum

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    Would totally like to try them out!
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  6. Desserts for a full meal? That is perfect for anyone who loves sweet food.

  7. They pinky just reached Malaysia. Wonder why we always late on getting new things. This was in Indon very long time ago. I love this too!

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