Friday, January 22, 2016

Indeed Lab's Hydraluron, Moisture Booster

A thing or two abour Indeed Lab's Hyraluron Moisture Serum
Hello fellow readers, today i'll be talking about my current craze with Indeed Lab's Hydraluron, Moisture Booster. You might wonder what makes this moisturising product different than other moisturising products? The secret behind the Indeed Lab's Hydraluron, Moisture Booster would be that they use the purest Hyaluronic acid which is well known to increase skin hydration with an ultra high quality hyaluronic acid that holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

The packaging
Amazed that it was like a pamphlet too!
Initially, hyaluronic acid were used as injectable hydration treatments employed in Swiss clinics, but thanks to Indeed Lab's Hydraluron, they have made it possible for people like you and me to be able to afford a more affordable treatment that can be incorporated into any daily regimen. YAY! The purpose of this serum would be that it increases skins hydration level and minimises the need for frequent topical moisturising if your skin happens to be having dry skin issues.

Texture and Colour: Light and Clear
All you need to do would be to apply a small amount over the entire face before applying other moisturising creams. And thats about it! After using it for about 2 weeks now, i realise that my skin has been able to retain moisture and compared to before. I also love that its not sticky and it feels very light on the skin.

Say bye bye to flaking skin!
If you have dead skin flaking around on your face, this serum would definitely assist you into reducing the visibility of the dead skin. Please note that this serum provides below-surface hydration and is not a substitute for topical moisturising creams.


Whats my say?
Whats my say about the Indeed Lab's Hydraluron, Moisture Booster? I'd say that its great that it absorbs easily by the skin and the fact that it doesn't feel like you applied anything on your face since it feels ultra light on the skin. Its great for any skin type and it results to a more youthful supple appearance that looks healthy and elastic. It retails at RRP: RM115.60 for 30ml and its available at Muse by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid, and Watsons in Alamanda, Paradigm and KLCC.

For more information, do checkout the links below or you can always visit any of their participating stores for more options. All Indeed Labs products are free from parabens, fragrances, colourants, sulfates and are not tested on animals. If you might have any other questions about the product, do leave a comment below.

Sara xx


  1. the gel texture looks really light and moisturizing for the skin :) i need to get one for my dry skin too

  2. Sometimes with so many skin care about me, I have to pass some of it on to my daughter, step daughter, step daughter's mom, sister in law, mother.... especially after review.. because, heck, I can't be expected to use all of them right.. I only have one face... LOL... but when it comes to my indeed labs hydraluron range... hands off... its all mine... because it is just soooo good on my face.. I use to have severely dehydrated skin and this was really heaven sent!!!

  3. so cute there Sara. Love the product and the pink packaging too hehe

  4. looks like a nice product to use. Haven't try this brand yet, shall check their site soon.

  5. it's the best serum i had ever used. i wish i had more, but now it's finishing soon

  6. Must say it is not too expensive. Love the simple packaging that looks clinical but with a touch of pink to make it look more consumer friendly and girly.

  7. I have been hearing so many good reviews about this brand, would like to try out too :)

  8. the product looks good to use. Happy Chinese New Year!

  9. I super love this brand! Especially the jelly moisturizer