Monday, January 4, 2016

The Crazy Bites SS15 CRAZY RM9.90 Promotion

Located in SS15, Subang Jaya.
As Malaysians, i think we all have the same issue of not knowing where to eat every now and then. With so many options around klang valley, we would always go for a cheaper yummier option right?  So today, im sharing to you an exciting deal by The Crazy Bites of getting a meal and a drink at only RM9.90 nett! So yes ladies and gentlemen, i am proving to you that you can get a meal at less than RM10 in Subang Jaya, SS15.

1st floor interior
outdoor seating
Located in SS15 Subang Jaya, just around the corner, you will see a big sign board that says 'The Crazy Bites'. Do not mistaken this place as a place for light bites, but truth is, they sell actual meals to you at crazy affordable prices! They launched the store in August 2015 last year, and to start the year fresh in 2016, 'The Crazy Bites' decided to have a crazy deal, where you can get a meal and a drink at only RM9.90! You might be wondering what are the options they have, so please read on below :)

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Introducing to you the all day long promotion where you can get a meal at less than RM10 with no additional gst charges. Each day, different options are provided and basically you will have 3 options of meals to choose from. Yum yum! With an option of pizza, burgers or carbo meals, there is always space for options when you decided to dine here with your friends and family :)


Flamed Grilled Chicken Pasta
Clam Vongole
In their RM9.90 promo they have 3 pasta's to choose from throughout the week, which would be Flamed Grilled Chicken Pasta, Clam Vongole or Al Fungi Pomodoro. But i didnt managed to try the Al Fungi Pomodoro yet, but the other two tasted amazing! The Flamed Grilled Chicken Pasta is great for meat lovers, and the carbonara isnt your usual carbonara since they dont use egg whites. Clam Vongole is definitely worth RM9.90 if you are a die hard fan of clams. With 9 clams i got in one bowl, how is is possible that they kept the price that low? hehe


The 2 pizza's out of the 4 pizza's they have
The Hawaiian Chicken Pizza
Next in the menu would be their home made recipe pizza's. They actually have 4 pizza's to choose from throughout the week, but i decided to give a go for their Hawaiian Chicken Pizza and Mushroom Pizza. Their thin crust pizza's are surprisingly filling despite being thin, and i love that the consistency of the dough is just right. So even when youre halfway enjoying your pizza cold, the texture of the bread doesnt get hard.


Rooster Bites (Chicken) 
Apple Mushroom Bites (Vegetarian)
Ox Bites (Beef)
Next up would be their signature burgers! They have 4 burgers to choose from throughout the week, but here are the three that i decided to try, Rooster Bites, Apple Mushroom Bites and Ox bites. I was told that their dressing, buns and patties are entirely handmade to be served fresh for their customers, and after getting a bite from these burgers, i could tell that they were made with love. Patties weren't dry, and they were really juicy! Meat lovers would love the Rooster Bites and Ox bites, but if you have a friend who is vegetarian, they can always explore their tastebuds by trying their Apple Mushroom Bites.


Johan's Signature Nasi Lemak
Signature Sambal and Pandan Nasi Lemak
And of course, how can it be Malaysian without Nasi Lemak? And yes, the green rice is actually nasi lemak cooked with pandan. I was amazed when i was told that there are no colourings were added in their dishes, so the green is entirely natural. Its served with boneless fried chicken, accompanied by their homemade sambal. I personally love the combination, and again, at RM9.90, its more than worth it! The sambal tasted rather sweet than spicy, so its great if you dont have a tongue for chilli.


For every RM9.90 promo meals, you get a free soft drink of your choice.
Not to forget that all the dishes mentioned above, you are entitled a free soft drink of your choice. Why not have your reunion at The Crazy Bites and you can get a meal and a drink at RM9.90 per person? No one should complain that they dont have the budget to meet up with friends or family. hehe.


The Salmon Burger in Charcoal Bun
Close up shot
And if you wanna go for something different, you can always try their latest dish, the salmon burger! Interesting no? Unfortunately, this is only available on their ala-cart menu, and its priced at RM19.90.  The salmon used is by sashimi grade salmon, so it is guaranteed that your salmon is your burger is high grade. I really compliment the chef, cause their dishes are cooked to be juicy! Gotta love juicy burgers. hehe

Wall art
Enjoying my meal with Elana, Tommy, Sally and Kolin! hehe
And there you have it! The Crazy Bites in SS15 Subang Jaya. Its unlikely that you'll miss out on their outlet, cause the signage is just huge. But not to worry, i'll still attach their address at the end of this post for your convenience. A reminder that the RM9.90 promotion will be all day, on going as long as you enjoy your meals at The Crazy Bites.

The burgers!
Meet Kiri Kuru
Also, some fun-fact for the kids, for every RM80 and above spent at The Crazy Bites, you are entitled to receive a free plush of their mascot worth RM18.90. Aint it adorable?! It even has a name, birthdate and hobby written on the box. So what are you waiting for?! Visit The Crazy Bites today! Be sure to visit their official website or their facebook to keep yourself updated with their latest promo's.

The Crazy Bites
A13, Jalan SS15/4D, 
Subang Jaya, 
Selangor Darul Ehsan, 

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday | 12pm to 12am



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