Thursday, January 14, 2016

Valentines day with Printcious

Printcious homepage.
With Valentines day around the corner, im sure we're all wondering what we can do to surprise our other half? So i stumbled upon Printcious on Facebook! It might sound like a printing shop to you at first, but when you really think about it  its like a combo of print and precious? Printcious is dedicated to advocate the beauty culture of gift-giving to foster the relationship among each other by encouraging almost DIY gift ideas. Read on if youre interested to know more!

Featured services
What makes Printcious different? Instead of going out to a shop, then they design the design for you, you go home, wait for a week, come back, and confirm your design, you confirm the number of shirts you want (usually you may need to buy in bulk for a cheaper price), come back, wait and collect your tshirt(s). Long journey ey? Printcious has made life simpler by making your DIY needs available online! And you can almost get your shirt instantly confirmed and guaranteed to receive your shirt within less than 7 working days.

Why not add a personal touch? 
So if you such at personalized gifting, Printcious is here for you! And personally i believe that personalized gifting just means that you put more effort in making sure your gift is like no other. It will no doubt make your friend, your family, your lover feel special for receiving a gift from you. It saves the hassle of thinking what to buy them too *wink


First: Create an account
To create your own design is pretty simple, first, you may need to create an account. Since i was too lazy to do all the typing, i decided to link it with my facebook account, and my problems are solved! Hehe. So, i'd say that creating an account doesn't take much effort since all they need would be your name, email, and password.


Click the customise it button.
And youre ready to customise!
Well, i think from the picture tutorial above, its not at all hard to find your way to the customise page. Next would be to just add an image by pressing the 'add image' button, and once its uploaded, youre ready to be the designer by deciding on where to place your image. hehe. How cool is that? But if youre not too fancy for DIY work, they also have ready designs for you to purchase!


The categories available
For their ready gifts, they have already categorised everything conveniently for you. From gifts for him, for her, for chinese new year, for valentines day, for weddings, for baby showers, for birthdays and even for practically any occasion! So this also saves you the time of deciding how the designs should be, cause you can just get their ready templates conveniently.

Their designs arent half that bad too.
I decided to check out their valentines day collection, and i was personally pretty impressed with the options!  Please note that the names on the materials are still customisable if you want to add in specific names. Hehe. To be honest, after scrolling through their page, i might turn this into a hobby. Why shop for something you want, when you can get it done yourself?


Online contest happening til 31st January
They are also currently having a contest for couples, so if youre up for the game, why not join their contest and win some customisable gifts for you and your partner? To join, just head on over to Printcious's Facebook page, or to make if convenient for you, here's the direct link to the site,

T&C of the contest.
So i hope this post solved some of your problems on your gifting sorrows, and now im gonna sign off to decide on my design. Hehe. Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions, do leave a comment below. Do visit their Facebook Page or their Official Website for more details on Printcious.

Sara xx

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