Wednesday, January 13, 2016

[REVIEW] Oral-B 3D WHITE Whitestrips

The Oral-B 3D White strip
I think as Malaysians, we all know how much we love our food. We know less that due to the ingredients we use to cook our meals, are possibly some of the causes of our teeth to get stains. I admit that i LOVE curry a lot, but sadly it does leaves stains in the long run. So i found this! I decided to try the Oral-B 3D WHITE whitestrips to see how well it works, and find out if its really removes stains as proclaimed on the box.


Front Image
Back Image
As seen in the photo above, this product comes in a box which has 14 whitening treatments which proclaims that it would remove up to 10 years of stains, and that you'll start seeing results in 7 days on the front side. At the back of the box, it also claims that it removes tough coffee, wine and smoking stains too! Other than that, it also says that your teeth would sustain for up to 12 months of naturally radiant white smile.


14 individual packs in one box
Despite the box being really big, it only has 14 packs of whitening treatments to ensure that you would achieve your whitening goals. It is advisable that you use this constantly for the next 2 weeks for the best results. And i think its really sweet that theyve also included instructions on how to use it.


The information written on the packs.
The whitestrips
I found it really hygienic that each of these treatments comes in individual packs. And in each individual pack, each includes 1 upper and 1 lower strip which is to be used for about an hour. The adhesive side of the strip had a gel like-texture, so it was really easy to apply.

When the top layer strip is applied
Bottom layer strip when applied
The steps to applying the Oral-3D White Whitestrip is pretty simple, and its all in 3 easy steps:

1 | PEEL strip from backing

2 | APPLY gel side on front teeth, align with gum line and press gently and fold rest of strip behind teeth.

3 | REVEAL wear for 60 minutes, remove and discard.

When worn
So remember, the three steps would be Peel, Apply and Reveal and youre good to go! I usually do this at night after dinner, just before brushing my teeth before going to bed. Once you remove the strip, it may leave a sticky layer on your teeth which i find pretty uncomfortable, but after brushing your teeth, it left my teeth feeling squeeky clean!


Before and After shot
Close up of before and after shot
And after 1 week, i would say that my teeth looks cleaner with an even tone compared to before. I didnt exactly see results instantly, but i realised on the 5th day of using the whitestrips, it did remove some stains which were previously pretty obvious. Well, i have another week to go, and im hoping that it would really whiter teeth. *fingers crossed* 1st week result looks good, now to wait for the 2nd week results.


1st week results.
I would personally say that if youre expecting to whiten your teeth if its already white, it wouldnt exactly really whiten it as much as you would expect. But on a plus side, if you have stains from drinking tea or coffee, wine, consuming curry on your teeth, it would definitely remove the stains. A little tedious that you have to time yourself for an hour before removing it, but i guess its bearable. hehe.

If you would be interested to purchase the Oral-B Whitestrips, you can consult your dentist because this product is only exclusively available in dental clinics nationwide. For more information on the product, do visit their Facebook page at

Well, do not hesitate to leave me any questions if you have anything in your mind. I'd be glad to get back to you  :)

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