Friday, January 1, 2016

Clothes Buffet Malaysia ; Season 3 [PREVIEW]

At the Clothes Buffer Malaysia preview for media
Clothes Buffet Malaysia is BACK bringing you bigger and better clothes in season 3! If this is your first time hearing the phase ‘Clothes Buffet’, im here to tell you whats in store. Imagine shopping without seeing the price tag, and you will soon see what I see. This has been coming back due to popular demand to many Malaysians, satisfying shopaholics from Kuala Lumpur.

The racks arranged in themes
And guess what, thanks to Clozette, I was invited to check out their secret Affair last weekend with bloggers and members of the media to preview this seasons Clothes Buffer Malaysia, which also includes a first hand experience of shopping at the Clothes Buffet.

At the event, we had Elementum & Lab Vamor to get us looking glam for a photo-shoot by Moiz Photography after we have handpick out outfit. So I think its safe to say that it’s a girls kindda day to dress up, and basically have fun! To make this season of Clothes buffet more exciting, they are actually giving away a goodie bag containing  stuff from Neesya, Sothys, and Lily Sdn Bhd.

Standard zip-lock bag size
Now the fun begins! To  join the fun, there is a flat fee of RM150 where you will receive goodie bag by sponsors (and i can tell you that its worth over RM150) , a 35.5cm x 23cm zip lock bag and you are only allowed to grab as many pieces as you can in 15 minutes. The buffet area is filled with clothes according to 5 categories, Throwback, Fun@Work, Girls Being Girls, Lazy Weekend and Little Black Dress.

Finding ways to fit the clothes in the bag given
But of course, as easy as that sounds, the catch would be to fit everything WITHOUT breaking your zip-lock bag. I have to admit that it was hard for me to fit everything with my bag, but the TOTAL I managed to fit was 8 (1 dress, 6 tops and 1 cardigan). Hehe. Below would be what i managed to grab during the buffet within 15 minutes: 

1. A white designer liketop
2. White casual t-shirt 
3. Navy striped dress
4. A bohemian white chiffon cardigan 
5. Striped top
6. Flowy tank top
7. Casual grey square top
8. A black scallop sleeve top
And there you have it! The Clothes Buffet Malaysia Season 3 will be happening on the 16th January and 17th January 2016 between 9.50am until  9pm at Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Get your tickets from while you still can.

Who would have thought i could fit 8 pieces in this bag?

This year its bigger and better thanks to Lot 10 for providing the location, Elementum for providing space of media, Lab Vamor for providing beauty services, Poh Kong for sponsoring jewelries to 2 lucky participants, Clozette for being the official media partner, Pink Passion, Neesya skincare, Sothys, and ZALORA whom are the official sponsors for the event. 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and shop away! Be sure to also visit their facebook page for updates on the tips and tricks to attend the clothes buffet at You're welcome ;)

Sara xx


  1. Omg babe. 8 is a lot la!! So sad I couldn't make it to that event on that day

  2. wow you are so good at picking the clothes! i wouldnt have thought 8 pieces can fit into the bag

  3. Whoa! I onyl heard my friend packed the most 6 clothes! and u got 8! *claps*

  4. paling suka baju putih yang first...


  5. hi dear, all the dresses that you pick are nice!

  6. woah you pick quite a lot ya....good job and all look good on you!

  7. 8 is a steal... you did an amazing job and those outfits suited you perfectly!!! So gorgeous

  8. Wow.. 8 pieces in such a small bag.. Must learn from you the technique to stuff all those in a small bag.. :P

  9. Fruitful day! :) Hope to join this wonderful event next time.

  10. Wow you are so hebat, managed to squeeze 8 pieces into that bag. I can only managed 5 pieces.

  11. A black scallop sleeve top looks great on you. I want to grab it too.

  12. Wow so nice leh all the clothes you choose! Hope can try once on cloth buffet also, gonna grab a lot :P

  13. Like the navy striped dress, it's so versatile for any events :)

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