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Ciao Ristorante @ Jalan Kampung Pandan

Ciao Ristorante Review
Dinner on 15th January 2016
Lets get a little personal since i havent been writing about my personal lifestyle of how things are lately. To welcome the new years, me and my fidanzato a.k.a Thay, decided to go for a romantico date in an italian restaurant or should i say ristorante? hehe. Been keeping my eye on Ciao Ristorante, since theyre well known for their aunthentic Italian food in a rustic venetian country house and finally we've made it here for dinner. YAY!


Interior impression
Interior Impression
We went on a Friday night, so we didnt exactly managed to check out the whole place since there was a wedding happening outside by the lake side area. Yes, this restaurant has been well known for an area for wedding receptions since it overlooks the golf course. Stepping into the place also makes you wonder if you might have your wedding reception there too? hehe. OH! Before i forget, they provide free jockey service so you dont have to worry about getting your car parked since its usually packed. If you would want a pleasant time to visit, i suggest you to avoid the weekends cause its usually fully booked. Also, for a better smoother visit, be sure to get your reservations done too to avoid disappointments.


Mandatory date picture
When i was making my reservation, i requested for a cozy corner for us to so that we can just chat about how far we've gone, and i was assuming every corner in the restaurant was cozy to them. But to my surprise, they really reserved the cosiest corner for us, with a candle light for two. This really shows that they take their customers request seriously. Kudos to their excellent services.

Appetizers and Pasta
Pizza, Seafood and Meat
The minute we were seated, they handed us the menu for us to browse through and i'd say that the options arent that bad. They had wine, pasta, seafood, meat, pizza's and more! The photos above were not all the options, but it was more than this. So guess what we decided to order? hehe. We decided to order calamari fritti as an appetiser, and as the main dish i went for the filetto di manzo ai funghi a.k.a grilled australian beef tenderloin and my fidanzato decided to order the stinco di agnello a.k.a braised lamb shank. I found it fascinating that most of the dishes are in italian and that it really made the ambiance felt as if i was in Italy.


As a starter, we were given some bread with some italian dressing which i dont know whats it called, but surprisingly Thay loved it! The bread was definitely homemade and its unlike your usual bread you have here in Malaysia. This was not ordered, but i think it came with our main dish.


Calamari Fritti - RM28
Or Fried Calamari
It didnt take long till our Calamari Fritti arrived. Even though its fried, i was surprised that it wasn't oily at all. This is what i call fried to perfection! hehe. It came with a side of salad, capers garlic dip and a slice of lemon. Thay isnt a fan of seafood, but surprisingly he loved how this was cooked. hehe. So i think you can pretty much tell how well this was prepared.


Our Main Courses
This took about 20 minutes for the food to arrive, which was reasonable cause we all know how long it takes to cook beef right? Hehe. Since we ordered an appetiser, it didnt felt like a long wait, cause once we finished our appetisers, our main dish was here!


Filetto Di Manzo Ai Funghi - RM88
Or Grilled Australian beef tenderloin
If youre wonder what this Filetto di manzo ai funghi means, its actually grilled australian beef tenderloin with wild mushrooms ragout and truffle sauce served with baked potatoes and asparagus. I requested mine to be cooked in medium, and i was surprised that it was really cooked in medium with the juicy centre of the beef. LOVED IT! I could even tell that the beef was really fresh and definitely not from the freezer, which really means that the price was worth it! Even though it looks a little small on my plate, but its really filling once you 'try' to finish it.


Stinco Di Agnello - RM62
A.k.a Lamb Shank
Thay ordered the Stinco Di Agnello which was actually braised lamb shank served with mashed potatoes, snow peas and baby carrots and since he was nice enough to give me a bite, it was like lamb melting in your mouth. It was so tender and not overcooked! I asked Thay to give me a rating, and he said 4.5 stars out of 5! hehe. But it was really that good. It was like biting on a slice of heaven.

The real question, was it worth it?
If youre wondering, they also gave me a dessert menu at the end of the meal, but i was a little too full to have dessert after eating so much. hehe. I'd say that this would be a perfect place to impress your date if she nor yourself has ever been there before. The price range per person would be between RM30- RM80 per person, but it still depends on how much you're willing to splurge. Now, Im sure youre wondering whats the total damage? hehe. Well, I already listed the pricing in the photos as captions, but please also note that they charge and additional 10% service charge from the total of your bill. *Drum rolls*

Total Damage: RM213.40 (inclusive of 10% service charge)
Pricing: RM30- RM80 per pax
Rating: 4.8 stars
Revisit: YES YES YES! *when we have the money to spend of course

Ciao Ristorante
No. 20A, Jalan Kampung Pandan, 
Off Jalan Tun Razak,
55100, Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday : 12pm to 2.30pm (Lunch) // 6pm to 10.30pm (Dinner)
Saturday & Sunday : 6pm to 10.30pm (Dinner only) 

603-9285 4827

Official Website


  1. Waa the price is quite 0_0 haha. With a really fresh meat served. The price consider reasonable taw. But i will try one day and i go with lamb shank first!

  2. wow!!! You look so pretty dear....the interior of the restaurant very nice...your food looks so yummy!!

  3. love this place :) the ambiance here is perfect for valentine's dinner