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[FOOD REVIEW] Ramen Ten Jaya 33

Ramen Ten @ Jaya 33
If youre here to know more about Ramen Ten, well you have come to the right place! First off, since i was wondering what Ramen Ten means, i decided to do some research to find out that Ramen Ten actually means 'noodle shop' in Japanese. It was Established in late 2002 in Singapore then slowly made its way to Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and UAE. Its also the Singapore's 1st and most successful Halal Japanese Restaurant Chain and we're about to find out why.

Interior Impression
Interior Impression
Ramen Ten adopts the concept of hip and vibrant decor in line with the fashionable Japanese downtown Harajuku. But i think the main highlight of this franchise, would be that they created a Halal sushi concept, which includes freshly made sushi served on conveyor belts attracting attention of different races in Malaysia. With tons of choices on the menu, i have to admit it was tough to decide on what to order, but do scroll on to find out what i decided to order anyway:


Raw Salmon, Raw Tuna and Raw Salmon Belly
Santen Sashimi Moriawase - RM33.90
Being a fan of sashimi after my trip to Japan 2 years ago, i have been craving for sashimi ever since! But what usually stops me would be the price of the sashimi. Was really shocked to find out that the Santen Sashimi Moriawase set which had, raw salmon, raw salmon belly and raw tuna in a bowl at only RM33.90 which i find pretty reasonable. In reflection  of the price, i would say that it was worth it!


Soft Shell Crab to Salmon Skin Salad - RM23.90
Salmon Salad - RM16.90
I would say that these were the two salads on the menu which really attracted my attention. I personally love their salmon skin and soft shell crab salad because of the flavours it gives. Or if you love sashimi, why not give a go at their salmon salad. It aint half as bad too. 


Gyoza - RM10.90
Asari Butter Soup - RM90
Chuka Santen Moriawase - RM15.90 (From left: Snail, Baby Octopus and Jellyfish)

These appetisers were the few that i decided to try, and every dish had their own taste to perfection. A little taste of everything wouldnt harm you right? hehe. But among everything, i love the Asari Butter Soup! The soup brought out flavours that was unimaginable! A little salty, but it goes pretty well when youre enjoying your soup together with the salad. mmhmm. Or if its your first time trying japanese appetisers, you should really give yourself a go for their Chuka Santen Moriawase, as an introduction to Japanese cuisine. hehe


Tuna Mayo Roll - RM16.90
Special Salmon Roll - RM17.90
Aburi Salmon Mentai Sushi - RM12.90
Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll
And of course, how can i miss out on the sushi? The presentation was nicely done! The taste wasnt that spectacular, but for the price youre paying for, it was worth every penny. Based on my personal experiences, its unusual that you'll find quality sushi rolls at below RM20. So if youre on a tight budget, and craving for sushi, Ramen Ten would be your answer! hehe. Youre welcome.


Super Spicy Ramen - RM16.75
Tom Yum Chicken Katsu Ramen - RM22.05
Black Pepper Beef Dry Ramen - RM21.00
Ramen Ten happens to be famous for their Ramen, and i can finally know why! The ramen served at Ramen Ten was delicious! But each of the dishes above had their own speciality when it comes to the taste.  Super Spicy ramen surprisingly wasnt as spicy as TomYum Chicken Katsu Ramen, so dont tell me i didnt warn you. And on a safer side, black pepper beef dry ramen was rich in flavor, and the beef was really tender too. It really depends on what you feel like eating, but if you ask me, i'll stick to their black pepper beef dry Ramen.


Chicken Teriyaki - RM14.90
Teppan Beef - RM20.90

Spicy Salmon - RM16.90
Teppanyaki from Ramen Ten was probably the least favourite dishes that i enjoyed. But its most probably that im not a fan of salty dishes. They generously covered the entire Chicken Teriyaki with teriyaki sauce, but to my preference, i would prefer it to have less sauce. The Teppan Beef wasnt that bad, but i would prefer it to be medium well instead of well done (hint: request to get it cooked medium well for a juicier taste). The spicy Salmon on the other hand would be a favourite to all chilli lovers in Malaysia. I'd say that its too spicy for my tastebuds, but i do love the tangy spicy taste of the spicy sauce on the salmon. 


Chicken Teriyaki Don Set - RM17.90
Salmon Teriyaki Don Set - RM18.90
The Don set honestly is a great deal if you are hungry. But also do take note that the value set for the don set are only available for lunch (11.30am-3pm) and dinner (6pm-9pm). This really filled my empty stomach for lunch or dinner. Yums. hehe. But fret not, the don's are still available at other times, just that it wont come in a set and also that the price may be higher.


+ Reasonably priced // affordable
+ Japanese dishes guranteed
+ Caters to different asian tastebuds // Spicy , Sweet, Salty
+ Cozy environment

And there you have it! I hope my photos were clear enough to tempt you to give yourself a shot to try their dishes at Ramen Ten, or if you have any other hesitations, you can always leave a comment below :) To keep updated with Ramen Ten, be sure to visit their official facebook page at for more details. Thanks for dropping by !

Sara xx


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