Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Washington Apple Commission & Fitness First // Fitness Campaign

Go healthy with Washington Apple Commission ft. Fitness First.
To usher in a healthy 2016, the Washington Apple Commission (WAC) collaborated with Fitness First to launch its "Go Healthy nutrition & fitness lifestyle community campaign" entitled "Apples Everyday, Fitter Every Way! 2016. And i couldn't agree more on how fruits and fitness really plays a big role in an individuals lifestyle.

The apples all aligned in a row.
The DIY salad bar.
To  be honest, i never knew there were so many kinds of apples!  But present at the event was about 8 different kind of apples which really stole the spotlight at the event. I even managed to design my own apple salad at the event which i took the chance to try all kinds of apples available that day. So what are the 8 apples by Washington Apple Commission present at the event? I'll just tag the images below:

The Red Delicious Apple
The Granny Smith Apple
The Gala Apple
The Fuji Apple
The Aurora Apple
The Cameo Apple
The Braebum Apple
The Cripps Pink Apple.
Told you that there were a lot of apples! Hehe. But to be honest, i was sooo attracted to the Aurora Apple since it looks like a pear. And let me remind you that its not at all close to a pear, it belongs to the apple family. hehe. Attendees at the event, including me were more than delighted to learn that there are up to 20 varieties of Washington apples available through the year. I know i was fascinated to know more about apples myself.

Mr. Cripps the official WAC mascot making an appearance. 
Fitness First instructors presenting a Zumba performance.
The event kicked off with an energetic performance by Fitness First instructors which i found rather entertaining of observing the moves. This was like an actual demonstration on how apples with the combination with a fitness regime can boost your health and fitness for the new year. Hehe. Would you agree? Did you also know that Washington State apple industry uses the most stringent grading standards of apples in the country? Its no wonder that 30% of their entire production are sent to more than 60 countries worldwide!

The Star pose challenge
Geozo giving a go on the T-pose challenge.
I also managed to join their challenges to test how strong our inner core is, and i think i partially failed because i could only last 20 seconds to hold a position. Boohoo. Guess im not consuming enough apples. Hehe. A reminder to self on the importance of fruits in balancing my health and well-being. I was also told that Apples can be used as a healthy snack in between meals and satisfy hunger for fewer calories. Not only that, eating an apple before you work out may also boost your exercise endurance. So i guess its time to consume more apples to achieve my new years resolution of a flatter tummy. hehe

Group photo opportunity
The 5 lucky winners for their Instagram contest
I also participated in an Instagram contest and i guess i got lucky and won myself a pomegranate  cushion! Hehe. Thank you Washington Apple for picking me as one of the apple in your eyes. Its really nice to see both Washington Apple Commission and Fitness First harbour the same vision to keep Malaysians healthy and fit. And GOOD NEWS, to current fitness first members, WAC will be sponsoring complimentary apple to gym-goers at Fitness First at Paradigm Mall for a week!

Light bites at the event
All in all, i kindda enjoyed the whole event since its all about a fitter society and a better diet. So test your inner core by doing the star pose or the T-pose to really understand your body's health and strength. For more information on WAC, do visit www.bestapples.com! Psst, i heard they share healthy apple-inspired recipes on site too ;)

Sara xx


  1. Great fruits when wanna lose weight. My favourite brand for apples.

  2. Will try to have an apple before work out! Wish can lose weight more :D

  3. Will try to have an apple before work out! Wish can lose weight more :D

  4. What a way to inspire healthy eating and adopting a healthy lifestyle. I can't procrastinate any longer.

  5. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!
    Somemore Washington apples taste sweet.

  6. Apple can make me fell full longer than eat others fruits

  7. An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Nice event there :)


  8. So much apple! And i got one apple from my friend too as i cant attend with her. :P

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  10. An Apple a day keep the doctor away.

  11. Aww cute! I love apples and great to know there are so many different kinds of apples! I want to try all the apples there!


  12. Start a healthy day with an apple a day to keep the doctor away.

  13. yea I love Apple! And there is always the quote an apple a day keeps doctor away! Love it!

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    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

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