Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Big Sister Project ; Charity Program

Venue; 1 Utama
I've been eager to write about this small project which i still remember very clearly that one day, after a Butterfly Project event, Tammy, Anis and i decided to go for early dinner. And out of our random conversations, it came up this. I can believe that from a small sharing session ended up to become a reality! Since Tammy was really packed with her schedule throughout the year, she appointed me as the head of the project which i thought i couldnt manage. But with lots of hard work with the team, we made this day happen, thanks to FoodPanda and UBER who contributed a big part of the project.

Hamleys 1 Utama
Just a brief idea on what is the Big Sister Project is all about, its basically The Butterfly's Project first ever charity program which we decided that as bloggers, we have a part to offer to the community. With bloggers being called as influencers, its really important that we show a good example to our readers too right? What makes this project special is that instead of buying gifts and giving gifts that are unwanted to a chosen orphanage, the idea was to bring the kids out to let them pick out their own gift, since chances like these for them are very minimal. And as bloggers, we are like big sisters (and brothers) to them of showing a good example. And guess which lucky orphanage got chosen? Rumah Chrestus, which has about 20 kids in a small corner hourse in Cheras.

Mercedes ride
Kids walking out from the UBER cars.
Thats me putting their name tags on.
A big thanks to UBER for sponsoring the kids a return ride to and from One Utama. It was a really long journey for them since they're coming all the way from Cheras to Damansara Utama. Thats about 40 minutes drive man! It was definitely a different experience for them since they're getting proper professional drivers to transport them from one place to another. One of the UBER drivers were driving a Mercedes which also got the kids really excited too! hehe. As they arrived, each kid was given a name tag so that the 'big sisters' would know who they are in charge of.

The kids were well behaved.
Ice breaking session!
The kids behaved really well and i can tell from their faces that they were really excited on getting themselves toys for christmas! Shireen was really cute for teasing them by saying that they were only allowed to look at the toys, and that they wont get to bring the toys back home. HAHA. Silly Shireen! We had a small ice breaking session with the kids and the bloggers, and each blogger were assigned to a child to be responsible of.

Immanuel looking really shy right there.
Time to shop and pick out your presents! 
Some were really shy at first and the youngest among the group was about only 4 years old and the oldest was about 17 years old. But either way, knowing that bloggers are good at breaking the ice, i assume that the kids could really get along with their assigned 'big sister' and 'big brother' so that we can proceed with the program.

Rawlins, Betty and Sarvesh looking happy together.
Here we have Kak Ella and her appointed little brother. 
One of my favourite photo among all! hehe. 
Here's Carol and her 13 year old brother, Harigaran.
Here's betty and Sarvesh looking adorable together. 
Heres Miera and her little brother Haresh who is 8 year sold.
FoodPanda was so generous to spend RM200 per child as their christmas presents and each child could actually pick as much presents as they want accumulating up to RM200. I managed to take a few shots of the kids, and i think it was really therapeutic to see the smiles of the kids getting the presents and toys that they want.

Thank you FoodPanda for making it happen! 
A group photo at Hamleys
To the people who made it happen, Foodpanda has played a huge part in giving back to the kids to end their 2015. Not only that they sponsored RM200 per child, but also sponsored over 40 attendees to eat at TGIF too! On a side note, Hamleys even threw it extra gifts for the kids where the boys got a toy car and the girls got a barbie doll to play with. How sweet were they? Thank you so much Hamleys!

Walking to TGIF
Food Panda has a little surprise! 
If you think it ends there, FoodPanda even had more surprises for the little kids by giving them plush panda's! hehe. Even i got one for myself too, and its just too adorable! Some of the kids got to dine for free thanks to the manager of TGIF for informing us that kids under 12 could eat for free. And the rest got to decide on what they wanted to eat.

Smiles everywhere! 
I believe that almost all of us mutually felt really good about the way we ended the year by spending some time with the very special kids who got a treat to end the year with presents to bring back home. I would like to personally again thank Food Panda, UBER Malaysia, TGIF, Hamleys and the volunteers for making their time to make this project happen. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! As head of the project, i think i learned a lot about hunting for the right orphanage.

Candid shot by le photographer
I cant wait for the future charity projects which i will plan to lead one day, and of course, THANK YOU Tammy and the Butterfly Project for making this a heartwarming event. It was more than what i could ever ask for, and i'll be looking forward to contribute to more events like these in the future.

Sara xx


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