Friday, January 29, 2016

KL City Dentists ; Your Neighbourhood Clinic

KL City Dentists
So, when was the last time you went to see the dentist? I decided to check out KL City Dentists and at the same time get my teeth checked. If you haven't heard of KL City Dentists, its located within the heart of Kuala Lumpur, and i can confidently say that this would be your neighbourhood dentist if youre living around Kuala Lumpur. Do scroll down to find out why.

Entrance to KL City Dentists
Entrance to KL City Dentists
Located in Menara HSC, which is also known as a private hospital in KL located at Jalan Ampang. Other than offering comprehensive health screening packages, they also have a dental clinic located on the 7th floor. Parking was not at all difficult, and i love how the lift directly brings you to the clinic without any registration at the reception required.

Clinic Reception area
Waiting area
Cozy interior
I have to say that my first impression when i entered the clinic, it didnt feel like a clinic at all. First it was because this clinic has a birds eye view of KL and the fact that it felt really cosy with comfy chairs, and a tv to entertain you while you wait. Pretty fancy huh? For your information, KL City Dentists provides general dental services and and also oral  surgery services.

Self Service anyone?
Variety of drinks they offer
Who doesnt love free wi-fi?!
Not to forget that you can help yourself with some drinks if youre thirsty too. And just look at the options! Hehe. But of course, the clinic wouldn't be complete without having free wifi right? So yes, free wifi is also available at the clinic. I've set my appointment at 4pm, and i didnt even need to wait long till it was my turn. But before proceeding to see the doctor, i was required to fill a registration form for documentation purposes.

The Dental Room
Gadgets are clean and organised
The dental room where all the dental services happen was really jaw dropping cause it felt really welcoming compared to the usual scary 'someone is about to pull out my teeth' scenery. LOL. With the view of the buildings in KL, it was rather relaxing to get myself to sit on the dental chair and be prepared for my check up.

I was given glasses to wear while im on the chair
Youtube anyone? 
As i was seated, they gave me these glasses to wear so that the light from the chair doesnt glare my eyes, which is a first time experience for me to be offered to wear these glasses to protect my eyes. And also, my dental chair had a flat screen tv attached to it. So while i was waiting for the doctor to get ready, i managed to enjoyed watching youtube videos to calm down my nerves. hehe

Checking time!
Spot the decay T.T
Work space for the doctor
X-ray of my teeth.
As mentioned earlier, im here for a dental check up to see how my teeth are doing. From the pictures above, i think you can spot a decay on one of my tooth which really shocked me when the doctor showed it to me on the screen. He said that it was just an early sign of decay due to the anatomy of my tooth, thus i didnt need to worry much if i get that checked right away. This clinic also had the latest technology of an x-ray machine which took merely 5 minutes to produce me with photos. and GOODNEWS! My decay wasnt touching the inner part of the tooth, which means there is still a chance of recovery.

Smiling with signs of relief
The doctor was also nice enough to clean and polish my teeth to get it clean too. It took about less than 15 minutes for him to clean it, and i truly appreciate the fact that he was very gentle while cleaning. It was also really pleasant that he also took the effort to tell me the reason to each action he takes.

Meet the handsome Dr. Mong
And meet the the doctor himself, Dr. Mong Xeng Tien who checked and cleaned my teeth while i was there for my check up. Dont you think he's young and handsome? ;) HAHA. He happens to be one of the friendliest doctors i've ever met, and he was really considerate on each action he took. And if youre reading this, thanks Dr. Mong for the excellent service.

Brochures and services
Opening hours
    His clinic also specialises in whitening if youre looking for whiter teeth, and he has tons of options to choose from depending on your budget. I could tell that the equipment he used were only the best quality and he really care's about making sure the patient understands the procedures taken. If you would want to get your teeth checked, be sure to call for appointment, cause i believe that he is usually booked almost everyday. So, to avoid disappointments, do give their clinic a call ;)

    Dentists of KL City Dentist
    So there you have it! I dont think i'll go to any other clinic after knowing that his services are really good! Funfact: His mom who is also a dentist works in the same clinic too! So you can say that its a family business which you'll be supporting if youre going there. Thats all for now, and of course, for other details on the clinic, be sure to visit for the latest updates on services and promotions. 

    Sara xx


  1. WOW, so modern dental room... very clean...You looks cool when you just wear black glasses! I scare go to dentist clinic, because we will get pain!

  2. urgh i have a decay too and i'm pretty scared of dentists. but the place looks like modern and nice sure can make you more relaxed

  3. Nice teeth.. Love it and the place is clean and new.

  4. I m going to this dentist soon, i love the setup its so pro and cozy.

  5. i have a phobia of going to the dentists, but your article helped a bit.. hmm, maybe i should check my teeth soon too.

  6. Long time didn't visit a dentist already, I wonder my teeth still healthy or not ;)

  7. Didn't really know much information about dentist until I read this post. Surely will check out their place if something wrong in my teeth one day ~ haha

  8. Nice tooth and of course i'd love to try that dentist clinic

  9. the clinic is so cozy, this post remind me to check my teeth, I forgot when the last time I go to the dentist :P

  10. My teeth are in great shape and any procedures I have needed (crown/cavities) have been without any problems. I have recently moved out of the area but still travel to see this dentist Redondo Beach.

  11. Dang, look at that flat screen TV! Haha. I wish my Woodridge dentist had amenities like that - I might stop in more than once a year if it was that nice!

  12. The scrubs look exactly as it appears in the picture. The material of mens scrubs is a little coarse but I'm going to wash it tonight and see if softener will help. Other than that I give it a thumbs up.

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