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The setting (PC: Fashion Fast Forward FB)
So, im sure youre here wondering what is available at the Warehouse Sale? But the question is, was the hype worth it? Well, let me tell you a thing or two about the sale. If you are fine with big crowds, comfortable with deciding in a fast and if youre wiling to line up for an hour to pay, then youre in luck! If you could bare with all these challenges in order to get clothes at incredibly low prices, then you will survive the F3 WAREHOUSE SALE!

Mandatory after shopping photo.
I was considered the lucky 'few' to be the first in line, and let me tell you that the line if you come early was MASSIVE! It says that it stars at 11am, but be prepared if you think coming at 11am is safe cause the line was already building up at 10am in the morning and i was actually one of them. HAHA. You might think im crazy for lining up for about an hour, but a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do if she wants to save money. hehe. So, Im just gonna share you my haul first so that you can see what the collections were like.


Tudor Headpiece RP:RM189 // Sale Price: RM9
Flower Embellishment RP:RM89 // Sale Price: RM9
Milton Shades RP: RM93 // Sale Price: RM19
From Left: Seed Bead RP: RM79 // Sale Price: RM9 & Triangle Earrings RP: RM76 // Sale Price: RM9
The had accessories available at the left ride of the hall as you enter. Other than accessories they had, shoes, handbags, heels, socks, tights, and belts. Accessories were also available for men too! Choices werent as much as the clothes, but most of them were cheap if you ask me ranging from RM9 to RM60. Assuming that the old stocks were from 2012 and 2013, so if you dont mind old stocks, be sure to grab the accessories while you still can.


Sequin Top and Skirt, RP: RM249 // Sale Price: RM74.7
Price tag price.
From Miss Selfridge, i managed to grab a matching crop top and skirt at 70% off. As you can see from the photos above, the price isnt as bad when its 70% off. And i'll be honest that a lot of ladies were aiming for Miss Selfridge at the time cause it was really cheap! There were also dresses that were at RM700++ that were all sequins, and i think most of the crowd were trying to get hold of their sizes for the dresses. So if you want these sequin dresses, be ready to be fast, cause it will be gone if you think twice.


Dress, RP: RM123 // Sale Price: RM24.60
At 80% off, how can anyone resist?
Dorothy Perkins had a wide range of clothes with discounts from 60% to 80%. They had floral, chiffon, cotton dresses and tops, but since this was at 80% off, i just couldnt resist. At 80% off, these dresses were only RM24.60 each! There were more Dorothy Perkins Clothes compared to Miss Selfrige and Wallis, so dont worry about not getting your size, cause they had plenty.


Merlot Red Jeggings, RP: RM129 // Sale Price: RM38.70
Merlot Red Jeggings, RP: RM129 // Sale Price: RM38.70
Not a fan of TOPSHOP but they had special edition clothing's like the collection from adidas available at the WAREHOUSE SALE. But of course, when adidas sweaters are at RM900, im not sure if youre still willing to take it with you if its at RM300 after discount. I really thought that these pants were worth it. I got the Eden Ultra Soft Jegging at RM38.70 after discount. The whole hall had a majority of collections from TOPSHOP and TOPMAN on sale. So if youre targeting for TOPMAN or TOPSHOP, the price varies between RM19 to RM300++.


Dorothy Perkins area
Warehouse and Miss Selfridge area
I dont usually feel like fainting, but when more people came into the hall, the more i felt like i was going to faint cause it was suffocating. So, if you cant handle the crowd, i suggest that you dont go. If you are the first few early ones to be there, you are most likely to experience a smooth shopping experience at the first 15 minutes, so plan ahead on your time cause if you dont, you might need to suffer while lining up at the counter to pay.


The line was about an hour of waiting.
So if you plan to skip the line, since most of the people attending the sale are paying by card, there is actually a special counter for those who are paying for cash. So, if youre in a rush during lunch hour, be sure to bring enough cash for payment, and you'll be out there in no time!


Mandatory selfie
So, as a conclusion, i'd say that the variety wasnt bad and the price range for most of the collection starts at RM9 for accessories, and RM19 onwards for the clothings. It would reach to a maximum of RM600 a piece if youre planning to buy the expensive ones, so be prepared! But to be safe, most of the collection is prices between RM50 - RM100 after discount. You may also need about 3-4 hours if youre planning to go for the WAREHOUSE SALE. For the next few days from 22nd January until 25th January, there will also be an additional 10% off your total when you purchase 3 pieces and above.


2 Dresses (Dorothy Perkins)  Original Price: RM246 for both // 80%
1 Skirt (Miss Selfridge)  Original Price: RM249 // 70%
1 Top (Miss Selfridge)  Original Price: RM249 // 70%
1 Jeggings (TOPSHOP)  Original Price: RM129 // 70%
5 Accessories  (TOPSHOP)  Original Price: RM523// 70%

Original Total: RM1,356.00
After Discount: RM289.46
After ADDITIONAL 10% off: RM263.15 <<<<<<< TOTAL PAID AMOUNT

So, i managed to grab about 10 pieces of items at RM263.15 which doesnt sound that bad! hehe. If youre looking to restock on clothes for the new years, this would be the answer to your closet revamped. If you have any questions, please do leave a comment below, and be prepared to be at one of the craziest warehouse sale in 2016. All the best, and dont forget to eat breakfast before you go cause youre gonna need a lot of energy ;)

Sara xx

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