Friday, January 22, 2016

Three Most Inspiring Scar Stories ; BIO-OIL

From Left: Hajarul Falenna, Caroline Yap, Arisa Chow and Stephanie Ng
Remember my blog post where i was writing about My Scar My Story with Bio-Oil? If you do, well here is an update! The results were out and it was a two month long campaign which has finally reached to an end. The campaign ended on December 31st, 2015 and the three most inspiring stories picked were from Caroline Yap, Hajarul Falenna and Arisa Chow, where each of them had a unique story to share that serves as an inspiration to others.

Caroline Yap, 41

She obtained slash wounds and survived 29 stitches from a snatch theft incident but that incident has inspired he to take a different perspective in life as to appreciate the little things in life, set her priorities differently and most importantly live for the moment.

Hajarul Falenna, 26

Got her scar from a surgery she underwent for scoliosis which reminded her of the sufferings she went through but it has also changed her life for the better, as her posture now corrected.

Arisa Chow, 22 

Has multiple scars on her body, shared how she underwent depression which led her to self-inflicted injuries and how she overcame her scarring problems.

From Left: Low Hooi Wan,Caroline Yap ,Hajarul Falenna, Arisa Chow and Stephanie Ng
Each of these three winners received a Luxury Retreat Package at a 5 star resort for two. Congratulations to the winners for sharing such an inspiring story. The microsite,, received more than 53,000 unique visitors and 77,000 page views. Though the campaign has ended, Bio-Oil will still be maintaining its microsite until the end of March with the hope of inspiring more women with the stories. Every scar has a story that reminds us of life’s episodes but more importantly it also makes us stronger.

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