Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Shopback with Zalora Malaysia

Mua checking out Shopback
Happy New Year, its 2016 and great things awaits! With so many people starting the new year with a blast, why not find out what ShopBack is? Im telling you, you would not regret finding out about what ShopBack has to offer. Just to keep it short, with everything being so convenient to spend online, ShopBack provides cashback and coupons to you online shoppaholic addicts! 

You may wonder how ShopBack is a life changing experience for you? Well lets keep it short and simple, ShopBack exist to help you save as you shop. And from the graphic and video above, it think its pretty clear on how it works. Everyone wins! By just going to shopback, and linking it to any partnering online stores, you earn back a percentage as you spend. To me, that basically means more reasons to shop! Woohoo!

There is also no limit to the Cashback you can earn. So take them as a lifesaver for saving you cash, and as you save cash, it just means more things to buy. Not a bad deal right? I have to admit that i shop with Zalora pretty often, and on one find day, i decide to purchase a dress through ShopBack. And guess what?! Instant cash back. YES! 

From a handson experience, you may find it a 'little' tricky to figure out how the site works, but its actually not that complicated once you know what you want. If you dont understand the screenshots above, well, lets go through a step by step with me :


Step 1 would be easy. When youre on the home page, first you may need to pick your preffered shopping site. And in my screenshot above, i decided to click on Zalora for some new years revamp to my closet.


Once you clicked on your preferred site, it would lead you to a page that looks like this. This page generally tells you about the cashback tiers (if any). But for Zalora, you can see the cashback tier where new ZALORA customers get 12% cashback, whereas the existing ZALORA customers gets 5% cashback. Also do take note that for successful cashback, stay within the redirected tab till purchase. This means, try in all cause to avoid right clicking to a new tab when shopping


As you scroll below, you will see the latest discount codes, promo codes and coupons available, with T&C applies. So here, i have highlighted my choice of shopping, and all you need to do next would be to click the 'shop now' button to continue.


Once you have clicked  'Shop Now' it will then bring you to a confirmation page which is a reminder of the small important details about your cashback tiers. I think this is really helpful to prevent misunderstanding among customers


To proceed, just confirm that you have read the final prints of the cashback tiers by clicking 'Shop Now' and walah! It instantly leads you to your shopping site. Again, prevent yourself from opening a new tab or changing to a new tab when making a purchase as you may need to stay within the tab to be able to get your cash back.

And its that easy! With tons of merchants working with them, there is no doubt that they'll have basically everything you need. You can enjoy ZALORA discount code, or get the best discounts on beauty by shopping on ShopBack. You name it, fashion, beauty, food, travel and so much more. Woop! So, have you gotten your eyes on anything yet? Be sure to make this a habit when you shop online, cause this will be giving you cash back as you shop.

Sara xx


  1. I'm using ShopBack too! Can save more :D

  2. wow!! Read your blog just know that about ShopBack!! I will try to use to save money!!hehe!!Thanks for Sharing!!