Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Unboxing CubeCrate ; January 2016

Unboxing review
Hey guys, let me just start by asking you if you like surprises? If you do, well youre at the right post! After months of being so curious about CubeCrate, i finally got my first CubeCrate parcel in January 2016! If you havent heard about CubeCrate, you can always visit their website which i will provide the link below at the end of this post.

Each CubeCrate parcel, comes in a standard box size.
Each CubeCrate package comes in a 16'' X 16'' sized box and and FYI, its actually a mystery box subscription! So if you love getting new items, and surprises, this would be for you! And in this post, i'll be writing a review about what i got in my January 2016 CubeCrate box. YAY! Each box of CubeCrate comes in 3 types of subscriptions, where you can either choose to sign up for 1 month at RM35, 3 months at RM90 including postage, and for 6 months at RM 197 including postage.

Sneak Peek!
Upon unboxing, this is what you'll see. Its not entirely filled up to the top, but you will see a few teasers here and there on what you'll be getting. And personally, i think i love that the colours upon unboxing cause it really brings up the spirit of the festive season coming up, which is Chinese New Year! hehe

Advertisers for January 16
click image to enlarge.
Chinese New Year treats! 
Each parcel has this pamphlet which shows the advertisers for each month and for this month, the pamphlet shows some information on where youre getting your product from.  And because its chinese new year coming up soon, they actually gave me a cute little note in an angpow and a fortune cookie! How cute! hehe


A keychain from Batik Boutique 
Cute earrings from Pottsie Pottie
A cute lip balm from the Sabun 
Super moist lotion with hyaluronic acid  from My Care
A pedi bomb from Smeeka
A service voucher worth RM180 from Beyond Beauty
I havet till end of Feb to use this!
And tadaa! Thats about it in my box for January '16. I dont know about you, but its definitely worth more than RM35 which was the amount for each box. As an individual (and a blogger), i have to admit that i love receiving and discovering new products, especially when its a Malaysian brand. With the economy going down, i think its about time we contribute by supporting Malaysian businesses!  And by the looks of it, i can tell that brands like Smeeka , the sabun and Batik Boutique has really put a lot of thought and quality in producing the product :)

An overall photo of the products received. 
And there you have it! I tried my best to keep the post clean and easy for you to read and i really hope you enjoyed spending your time at my humble blog. Till then, do check out my other post and be sure to visit www.cubecrate.com.my to reward yourself with something exciting each month! Its a great way to show your love and support towards small brands, and it benefits you by making you know more things that other people dont *wink

Till my next post,
Sara xx


  1. Heyy Aliza!
    Didn't know you're one of the Cube Crate recipients!
    Hope you enjoyed the pedi bomb <3

  2. Could definitely use the 180 ringgit spa voucher for a massage. Why don't they make some of these for men??! Hahaha. :)

  3. love those earrings from Pottsie Pottie! they are just too cute. definitely looks good on you

  4. nice sharing. i love the surprises from the box. am going to check out their services now.

  5. Such a beautiful box of goodies. I hope there's money in the ang pow. Hahaha!

  6. such a lovely goodies. the things are simply cute and lovely

  7. such an amazing box of goodies and yes, who does not like getting surprises....

  8. i saw this website a few days ago. Love the surprise box. I am tempting to get this for my best friend.

  9. that feeling, unboxing a new present, or in this case the cubecrate. Exciting isn't it.

  10. I tried the super moist lotion from Hada Labo and it's work amazing! =D

  11. Nice stuff, I am going to unbox mine soon. I like the ribbon earrings.

  12. I hope I will receive one form mystery person. haha. I love surprise and I done mind receive one from Cubercrate.

  13. I'm not much of a surprise girl when it comes to cosmetics. I prefer to pick and choose one to try out myself instead of getting products I might not ever use. I can see the appeal though, especially to beauty bloggers such as yourself.

  14. Didn't know about this CubeCrate until I read your post, the products look so nice, thanks for the info sharing :)

  15. Love smeeka's foot bath bombs, make sure to use it in a small bucket to enjoy!

  16. Nice to open a box of surprises. You must have enjoyed.