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[REVIEW] b.liv Pores Be Clean From Hermo Malaysia

Presenting pore be clean by b.liv
Im pretty sure most of us are eager to find a suitable product which would get rid of large pores on face, nose and cheeks. So i stumbled upon this! This is the b.liv pores be clean set which i got from Hermo. This set includes a Deep Impact 50ml, Off with those heads 30ml and 2 sheets of absolute matte mask. It claims to clear black and whiteheads, deep pore cleansing and purifies pores. Now scroll down to find out more!

The packaging

Front side of the packaging
Back side of the packaging
Details on the side of the packaging.
It comes in an A5 sized box, to make sure that you receive your products in its best condition. On the front, it has minimal details on the product, but if you flip it to the back, it describes more about the products main function and the usage of it. What caught my attention was the fine detail on the side of the box which says money back guaranteed within 14 days if you feel that the product doesn't work.

Inside the box

Content of the box
As mentioned earlier, the box contains Deep Impact 50ml which is for deep pores massage & cleansing emulsion, Off with those heads 30ml which controls blackheads, and the 2 sheets of absolute matte is a clarifying mask with active charcoal mask sheet. If you are unfamiliar with b.liv products, this would be a great introduction set for you to try out.

1. Deep Impact

Deep Impact for massage and cleansing
First up would be the Deep impact for deep pores massage & cleaning emulsion. This deep impact delves deep to expel imperfections, cleanses and massages your face to porcelain perfection. To use this, apply a think layer of deep impact to damp skin.

Apply a thin layer to damp skin
Massage it gently till beads dissolve.
Once you have applied it on your damp skin, gently massage in an upward and outward circular motion until the beads fully dissolve. I personally love how gentle it feels on the skin and that the beads dissolves really easy once in contact with water. 

After rinse
Once the beads has fully dissolved, the next step would be to rinse well. I gave my face a good 5 minute massage (just to make sure i didnt miss out on any spots). And i think you can tell how clean my skin looks and felt cause it was really refreshing

2. Absolute Matte

Dont get mad alright
Easy tear = user friendly
The phase on the pack really got my attention where it says dont get mad, get matte! haha. This mask is one of my favourite b.liv mask if you ask me. It instantly gets rid of the oil shine, where it also helps to combat excess sebum while purifies and refreshen my complexion. I'll show you!

Black it is!
Definitely different than your usual mask
What makes this particular mask different than the rest would bet that it uses active charcoal mask sheet that acts like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers. Yep, i was shocked myself when i found out that the mask sheet was black. And i think we all could agree that black masks might be the next big thing! As mentioned in the instructions, im suppose to leave the mask on for a about 15 minutes. Somehow the mask had this cooling sensation while i was wearing it.

Remove mask after 15 minutes.
Massage the essence for about 30 seconds
And after 15 minutes has passed, remove the mask and gently massage the remaining essence for 30 seconds, and leave it for another 30 seconds for complete absorption. This mask reduced my pores even more after application, pretty amazed with 15 minutes of TLC can do to your skin.

3. Off with those heads

They mean black/white heads
Serum gel like texture
Last but not lease would be the Off with those heads which happens to be blackheads sebum gel. So if you have blackheads or whiteheads around you face, in my case would be the T-zone area, this sebum gel would stop them from appearing instantly! What it does is that it softens the clogging which are blocking your pores and the essence of the ingredients keeps oil secretions under control.

I applied it around my T-zone area.
To use this serum, pump about 2 - 3 pea sized drops on your palm and apply to your preferred area. I decided to apply it on my T-zone area, and it it felt like it absorbed all the oil out from my skin. This would be highly recommended to those who has an oily T-zone like mine, cause this serum works like a charm. Goodbye oily skin, hello smoother matte skin!


Before using b.liv pores be clean
After using pores be clean
Based on my trial, b.liv pores be clean really amazed me beyond expectation. Its no wonder that they say that money-back guaranteed within 14 days if you don't like it, cause its impossible to send it back once you have it. This is a life saviour to those suffering with pore issues like mine. Its retail price is at RM241.80 but on Hermo, you can get it at RM155.66. I know the price may be a little on the high side, but if you're looking for a product that works, this would be a product worth investing in.

Just a recap of everything, the b.liv pores be clean has Off with Those Heads, 30ml, Deep Impact, 50ml and Absolute Matte Mask (2 pieces). You can also get these products individually if you want a more specific need to it.

My favourite cleanser of the month!
And there you have it! Say goodbye to those hideous open pores on your face and say hello to b.liv to help you with your skin care problems. Just to make sure my skin doesn't entirely dries out, i decided to use the product on alternative days for better oil control and to be sure that the product would last longer than it should. So if you have party to attend tonight, or a really important meeting to attend tomorrow, pores be clean would be the answer to all your worries.

It is also available if you would like to purchase these products individually. I'll state the pricing below just for your convenience.

B.liv Deep impact 50ml | RM61.32
B.liv Absolute Matte (7 pieces) | RM49.91
B.liv Off with Those Heads  30ml | RM136.79

Be sure to visit Hermo's official page to find out their latest promotional offers or for more products to browse around with. The best part about Hermo would be that they provide free shipping when you purchase at least 2 items from their website. How cool is that? hehe.

Direct link to Pores be Clean set | 

And thats about it! Thanks for reading my humble review about the b.liv Pores Be Clean and if you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to leave a comment below :)

*No editing nor make up was used in any of these photos. So the results are based on what you see in my review. 


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