Monday, January 11, 2016

[REVIEW] Singnature Silky Facial at Sliq Cliniq

Im back!
Again, this happens to be my second visit to Sliq Clinic where i'll be sharing about my personal experience on their Signature Silky Facial which proclaims to smoothen and improves radiance on skin. I really hope that this facial would be the solution to my oily/combination skin. And to be honest, i was really excited to try their SilkPeel Dermalinfusion machine which would be the secret to improving any skin problems. If you havent read about my Sliq Clinic Review, you can always hover over here.

Skin Analysis Machine
Skin Analysis shots
When i arrived, i was told to get my skin analysed first in order for them to determine whether if the treatment is suitable for my skin. Basically i had to put my head in a machine while takes photos of my skin under different light. It was really fast and let me warn you to not open your eyes while they take a picture of your skin under UV light as it might damage your eye.

Consultation with Dr Steve
Under Day light // Parallel polarised light
Under True UV light / Complexion Test
Once that was done, we then proceeded to a short consultation with Dr Steve Chia who happens to be the main doctor in the cliniq. This consultation session was really comfortable since the environment of the room felt really homey, and Dr Steve was really nice to explain to me about what problem my skin is facing. He mentioned that based on the skin analysis, my skin condition would be going through really bad blockage in my pores (Refer to True UV light image), which means that 1 session would not be enough to fully remove all the blockage. Which was totally understandable.

The Facial Room
When i got my answers about my skin condition, Dr Steve then advised me to use toner and moisturiser to reduce my blocked pores. I was directed to the facial room which was spacious enough for 2 people to be in the room which had the SilkPeel Dermalinfusion machine at one corner. The clinic assistant was really informative when she told me about the procedures, where first she would cleanse my skin, followed with steam around the face, laser peel, extraction, mask and double cleanse.

Cleansing First
After cleansing
Another analysis of the skin
The products used to clean my face were used among aesthetic doctors and i have to say that after the cleansing, it felt really refreshing! But after cleansing, they actually told me to proceed to this machine in the photo above, which i assume that it takes photos of which pore is suitable for extraction and which area has to be avoided. Its more technical i'd say compared to a beauty saloon which doesnt tell you much about your skin, except for verbal comments.  I understood better on how bad my skin has, and its about time for a new cleansing regime. *insecurities kicking in*

Silky peeling with the maching
Close up shot
As much as i hate extraction, gotta face it one way or another cause it hurts to be beautiful. Boohoo.  After a good steam of about 10 minutes on the face area was provided followed by laser peel by the SilkPeel Dermalinfusion machine, and to be honest, this didnt hurt one bit! It just feels like it was lightly scrapping, removing my dead skin cells from my skin.

Close up shot of the Machine
The dirt after the session as over.
The laser tip
Can you imagine that the water is suppose to be clear. But after the laser peel the water had like tiny dead skin + the dirt on my face (i think). My face felt really clean and relieved to know that its all clean, but it doesnt end there! Once the laser peel was done, it was time for the extraction. YIKES! I dont have photos of the extraction, but the clinic assistant was really good at minimising the pain by going to different areas when she knows that im in pain. She also told me that she wont extract everything, but would only remove the really bad ones, and i agreed to her decision.

After extraction, can you see how red my skin is? 
A relaxing cool mask to de-stress the skin
Once extraction was done, she turned off the lights and told me to relax while she applied a really cool mask on my face to relax the skin after baring the pain. HAHA. I was worried about the red spots  on my face after the extraction but surprisingly, the mask helped a lot to calm down the angry acne and the condition of my pores.

The final outcome!
The outcome was really satisfying if you ask me. Despite getting my facial done for only 1 hour, i was surprised how much difference it makes! My skin definitely felt cleaner with a smoother surface since she managed to unclogged my pores. HALLELUJAH! hehe. I was told that i might see my skin 'shredding' within 1 week, but it should be a normal reaction since my skin will be renewing the skin layer. Which was fine with me.


After 3 weeks, i realised that my skin condition was way WAY better than before. But im assuming its because i really took care of my skin this time after consulting Dr Steve , by using proper cleanse, toner and moisturiser each day. And since its already 2016, its great to know that my skin is ready and smoother for a better year :) So i can proudly say that by going to Sliq Clinic, it has been showing significant improvements for my skin problems.

If you found this post interesting, do also visit my Nose Brige Enchancement ; Sliq Clinic Review too! Thank you for reading, and if this is your first time hearing about Sliq Clinic, be sure to drop byt their facebook page or official website if you have the time ;)

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  9. Wow.. It seems amazing and it was obvious your skin looked so much better then before... Should check this place out myself...

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